Clerk – Mrs Eirwen Godden

35 Maes Cantaba
Ruthin  LL15 1YP     01824 707151

Messrs Roger Parry & Partners

The Estates Office

20 Salop Road


Shropshire SY11 2NU                                                                                      Date  20 February 2017


Dear Sirs


Re:  Proposed Development Llanbenwch Caravan Park, Llanfair D C, Ruthin

Change of Use of Land to Form an Extension to the Existing Caravan Park to Include 20 No Touring Caravan Hook Up Pads, Erection of a WC/Shower/Laundry Block, Construction of Internal Vehicular Access Tracks, Amenity Play Area & All Associated Works


I write in relation to this proposed development and should like to take this opportunity to say that Llanfair DC Community Councillors welcomed the chance to visit the site on 9 February 2017.  Members have indicated their general support for the proposal at this stage subject to the following matters which require further consideration.  For example, generally not enough detail has been included in the plans submitted for planning consideration.  More detail, therefore, needs to be added.


1  Arrangements for access to the site to and from the A525 were discussed.   It is suggested that the road design should allow for vehicles to turn off the road in a layby and that there should also be a facility for turnaround for vehicles and vans leaving the site. A revised drawing for the site would show the proposed access and exit arrangements as well as the details for reception of visitors to the site.


2  Access roads around the site should where possible allow for two cars and caravans to pass in opposite directions or otherwise have linked circulation with a one way system.


3  The plans submitted showed use of slate for the roadways.  It will be necessary for the site access roads to provide a road sub-base of stone/hardcore and then a surface material.  The use of slate for caravan standings may not be ideal as this could make manoeuvring difficult. It is likely that caravans will have awnings and these would ideally be sited adjacent to the hard stand on grass.  Caravan Club guidelines suggest a minimum spacing between pitches of 6 metres.  The pitches should be a minimum of 11m to 13m wide.


4  The site layout should show sewerage, water, electricity and hook up points for caravans [the chemical toilet tank needs to be shown separate from the normal wc sewage as this has to be disposed of separately off site].


5  For the ablution block the washing up area should be separate to laundry and shower/wc areas.


6  No compound shown for bins.


7  The site layout should show the proposed landscaping for the site.


8  A dog walking path should be provided and this could also serve as a pedestrian access from the site towards Graigfechan.


9  Existing static caravans will be replaced with modern ones.


10  No music should be permitted unless through licensing with Denbighshire County Council.


11  Details for lighting to the site should be provided for access, site and pedestrian areas [low level – no shining upwards where appropriate].


12  Fire points would be required to be provided at no more than 50 metre spacings and these should be shown on the site plan.


13  Councillors asked about the plans for the times that touring caravans would stay on the site.  It was suggested that a maximum stay would be 21 days and that there would be two months of the year when no touring caravans would be on site. Only occupied caravans would be allowed on site.  It is requested that the use of the site and duration of stays should be made a condition of the planning approval.  This is to deter improper use other than for touring caravans by, for example, storage of unoccupied vans or use by travellers.


14  It was pointed out that Denbighshire CC has a consultation document out at the moment [Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance – Caravans, Chalets & Camping – January 2017] and that this would provide an excellent reference against which the design and the operation of the site could be made. It was also suggested that the Caravan Club provides guidelines for design and operation of sites which would be helpful for developing the details of the site.  Councillors agreed that the site was ideal for this use and could provide a good tourism attraction to the area.


I trust that you find these comments positive and useful.  Perhaps you would be kind enough to acknowledge receipt of this letter by email to


Yours sincerely


E Godden

Eirwen Godden [Mrs]

Clerk to the Council


Copy to:  Denbighshire CC Planning & Public Protection Department