Community response to Pure re proposed Llanfair housing development


Clerk – Mrs Eirwen Godden

35 Maes Cantaba
LL15 1YP

Date  2 November 2016

The Planning Consultancy

Bridge Farm




Dear Sirs

Re: Proposed residential development of land off Wrexham Road, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd.

I write following the public consultation meeting held on Tuesday 25 October 2016. The Community Council would wish to make comments following the consultation.

  1. The Council recognises that this is the first instance of a new process for planning consultation in Denbighshire. The Council welcomes the approach taken by Pure Residential and Commercial in making information available and in engaging effectively in consultation.
  1. The prime concern of the Community Council is the lack of integration of proposed development of 63 houses into the heart of the village. We would like to see easy access to and from Parc y Llan and Bron y Clwyd and the new development which would not involve crossing the A525 as is proposed.  The proposed pedestrian exit from the site is seen by the Council as not only divisive ie causing an “us and them” situation but as extremely dangerous.  We would like to see some pedestrian access into Parc y Llan or Bron y Clwyd from the development or even around the side of Parc y Llan.  The present layout for the proposed development is very much separate to the existing village with its own vehicle and pedestrian access points.  For example, the area of public open space lies at the extreme northern end of the development which could give it a feel as having been provided for the new properties alone rather than the whole village.
  1. The siting of the public open space adjacent to the A525 is not a good design and could create hazard to both users of the space and road users. It is suggested that consideration be given to alternative siting.
  1. The Council recognises that the present design takes consideration of the potential impact on the visual amenity of the residents of the existing properties and we welcome this. The Council would wish to ensure that boundaries between existing properties and new houses are sympathetic in the same way and that consideration to alternative fencing to close boarded fencing could be considered if appropriate. Avoidance of nuisance from noise should also be a design consideration.
  1. Similarly, the Council would wish to see the development take account of the wildlife and its needs on the site both during construction and after. Provision for small animals such as hedgehogs to cross the site would be welcomed and consideration for birds which add to the enjoyment of the countryside for the existing residents. The loss of the central hedge in the development is regretted and the Council would ask for every effort to minimise the impact of this especially in preservation of wildlife.
  1. The Council regrets that the development arrangement entails the loss of two protected trees to provide the vehicular access to the development as well as a hedge that is central to the site. The Council would wish to see every effort being made to protect other trees and hedges and welcomes the recommendations of the arboriculture report. We would ask that the existing trees that lie in the gardens of plots 17 and 36 on the current layout be provided with protection for the long term. The retention of trees along the boundary of the site is welcomed and the recognition of the importance of trees in providing roosts for the local bat population is welcomed.
  1. The Highway access report is somewhat at odds with local knowledge of the situation. There has been and still is a problem with speeding through the village and the Community Council has been working with police and the highway authority to consider how traffic calming can be achieved. Certainly, re-siting of the 30 mph speed limit signs as is proposed would be essential and this is welcomed. Further consideration should be given to the proposed arrangement as sight lines especially from traffic already on the A525 and approaching the proposed junction to the site will lead to a significant traffic hazard.
  1. It is noted that Dwr Cymru has stated that upgrading works at the sewage treatment plant are planned for completion in March 2018 and will be required before any properties can be provided with foul water connections. Should there be any delay in Dwr Cymru’s programme this would delay occupancy of the new houses in the proposed development.
  1. It is also noted that surface drainage from the development will not be allowed to be connected to the sewer network but that surface drainage should either be retained on site or reduced to levels below current run-off from the site. The development will create 9200m2 of hard surface from which rain water will need to be managed. The report considers options of providing soakaways, providing SUDS on site and for pumping water to a local water course. The geology precludes use of soakaways and SUDS are considered to be undesirable due to the hazard they could present and well as the issues relating to their maintenance. The pumping off site is proposed as the preferred solution and a tank on site would be used to intercept unwanted solids (grit and grease) as well as provide retention and attenuation to cope with a storm with a design return of 1 in 100 years. This proposal takes very local perspective and the addition of surface water from the development to local watercourses will exacerbate potential flooding downstream of the site. Given the history of flooding in the Vale of Clwyd and the capital expenditure associated with measures currently being put in hand to provide flood protection it is recommended that further thought should be given to this and to liaison with Natural Resources Wales. Further it is not clear for the pumped solution who would be responsible for operation and maintenance of the interceptor and pumping station and specifically what the emergency call out procedures would be to prevent local flooding.
  1. The Council notes that six properties will be designated as affordable housing but that no decision has been made on the basis of provision or of the types of house to be made available. It is understood that this will be agreed with Denbighshire CC as part of the planning approval process. It is suggested that a mixture of affordable housing for sale or rent would be beneficial to the community.
  1. The northern edge of the site has a footpath which will be retained and which is proposed to be bordered with a close boarded timber fence. This could create a dark alleyway that would present a hazard and is not in line with Denbighshire CC Supplementary Planning Guidance issued by Strategic Planning and Housing in October 2016. This calls for areas to have unobstructed views. The design in this area should be reviewed.

Yours faithfully

Eirwen Godden [Mrs]

Clerk to Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Community Council

CC Mr Graham Boase, Head of Planning and Public Protection, Denbighshire County Council