Community Speed Watch report October 2016

Llanfair and Graigfechan Community Speed Watch October 2016
Report on activities during October 2016 to the Llanfair DC Community Council.
Ten residents have been trained to carry out road surveys by North Wales Police. Two radar speed guns provided by the Llanfair DC Community Council have been used to carry out surveys.
Altogether some ten surveys were carried out during the month. These concentrated on Graigfechan and monitoring points were by the Three Pigeons Public House and further out of the village towards Ruthin but still inside the 30-mph area.
During the month 100 vehicles were recorded with speeds in excess of the 34-mph tolerance value set by North Wales Police.
Eight vehicles exceeded 50-mph with maximum vehicle speed recorded at 56-mph. 36 vehicles were recorded with speeds in excess of 40-mph and the remaining 56 were over the 34-mph tolerance value.
Two vehicles were recorded twice exceeding the speed limit and one vehicle was identified as having no Tax or MOT.
Warning letters were issued to all offenders by the North Wales Police and the vehicle without Tax or MOT is subject to investigation.
In the future, further surveys will be conducted on an ad-hoc basis. Two sites have been provided in Llanfair DC and four sites in Graigfechan.
North Wales Police has confirmed that Special Constables will be available to accompany Community Speed Watch teams and this will mean that summonses for speeding will be able to be issued rather than just warning letters.
North Wales Police has also stepped up the “Go-Safe” activity and new vans will shortly be deployed and on a more frequent basis.
Anyone wishing to volunteer for Community Speed Watch should contact North Wales Police at the following site:
Steve Whipp – CSW Coordinator
Malcolm Ingham – CSW Coordinator