Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at Ysgol Pentrecelyn on Monday 4 December 2017 at 7 pm.

 PRESENT –  Councillors David Baker, Wini Davies, Jayne Mayers [Vice-Chair], Keith Moulsdale, John Pugh [Chair], Medwen Roberts and Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE –  4 members of the public and Mr Tomos Hughes, Achub Calon y Dyffryn.

APOLOGIES – Councillors Moira Edwards, Tim Faire [illness] and Paul Weston [no childcare available]

 PART 1 


Councillor David Baker with regard to the Church; Councillor John Pugh in relation to Neuadd Eleanor [trustee] and Ysgol Llanfair D C [governor];  Councillor Keith Moulsdale with regard to Neuadd Eleanor [trustee] and the Church


381.1  Mains Gas –  Details were sent to the Wales & West Utilities company following the deadline of ‘expressions of interest in principle ‘ to the proposal on 31 October 2017.  The Clerk reported that the utilities company is still awaiting the results from a site visit as this information is required before proceeding with firm quotations.  An assessment has to be carried out regarding a suitable location for a pressure reduction station.  The company will keep the Community Council updated on progress.

 381.2  Defibrillators

Mr Tomos Hughes, Achub Calon y Dyffryn, presented a Zoll Defibrillator and Box to the Community Council on behalf of Graig Aid.  Graig Aid had made a very generous donation of £1,304.90 towards the cost of a defibrillator for Graigfechan.  Mr Hughes explained that the defibrillator came with a five year warranty, the batteries required changing every three years, recommended that two or three volunteers check the equipment once a week, and stated that replacement parts and training are free of charge.  Members accepted his offer to visit the village to carry out an assessment on the best site for the equipment.  It was also reported that the response from Capel Ebenezer was positive and that there would be no objections to installing an appliance on the roadside wall of the chapel and to the Council making an  application for planning permission to do so.  Some points were, however, raised by the chapel –  [a] the narrowness of the road at that particular location and the heavy traffic at times and [b] the building has Grade II listed status both inside and outside [for cables etc].  It was also reported that fundraising is well under way to purchasing a defibrillator for Ysgol Pentrecelyn.

RESOLVED that [a] the Clerk sends letters of thanks to Graig Aid and Capel Ebenezer

[b]  the Defibrillator purchased with a donation from Graig Aid be installed in the Three Pigeons Inn until a suitable permanent location can be found in the centre of the village

[c]  the final decision on location is dependent upon the advice received from Mr Tomos Hughes, Achub Calon y Dyffryn

[d] the defibrillator be placed on the Council’s Asset Register and the insurance company informed accordingly

[e]  signs be erected when permanent location has been determined

[f]  the Community Council makes a contribution towards the cost of electricity

[g]  a press release be issued and copies posted on the Community Council website and noticeboards

[h]  Councillors Jayne Mayers and Paul Weston be thanked for their efforts in securing defibrillators for different locations within the community.

381.3  Community Plan

Discussion on the draft Community Plan and the Conwy and Denbighshire Public Services Board’s draft Well Being Plan was deferred from the Council meeting held on 6 November 2017.  Arrangements are being made for a meeting to be held sometime in the future with DCC officers to see how the Community Plan can be aligned with the DCC’s Corporate Plan.  It was noted that no Community Councillor is a member of the steering group.

RESOLVED that  [a] Councillor Medwen Roberts joins the steering group

[b] publication of a Community Newsletter be added to the Community Plan

[c]  the Community Plan be renamed Llanfair D C Community Council’s Neighbourhood Plan.

381.4  Broadband

Reported that a public meeting is to be held on 7 December 2018 at the Old Schoolroom, Llanarmon yn Ial commencing at 11.30 am when a Welsh Government Minister should be in attendance.  There has, in the meantime, been some progress as fibre optics will be available at Llanfair D C.

381.5  Welcome Pack for Visitors to Llanfair D C

Submitted –  a request from the Church Council about the possibility of producing a welcome pack for visitors to Llanfair and forming a small working group

RESOLVED that the request for a welcome pack be supported in principle and  added to the Neighbourhood Plan for further discussion.


RESOLVED The minutes of the meeting held on 6 November 2017 were approved and signed as a correct record subject to amending typographical errors in Minute Refs 371.2 and 374.4.


Date/Ref Action, By Whom and Status







Eyarth Bridge

Clerk – Weight restriction sign is in the wrong position, needs to be further away from the bridge for drivers to see in time.  Highways informed.  Work commenced on pointing will continue next summer.  Improvements to highway drainage between the trunk road and bridge are ongoing but will require a weekend road closure.  Large vehicles are still travelling through the village.  DCC Highways to be notified..








Traffic Calming Options Graigfechan

Clerk & Marc Musgrave – Advance speed limit signs still awaiting Welsh Government approval.  Road markings in Graigfechan are poor and need to be made clearer.  Reply awaited.  There is an issue about a parked car opposite The Smithy, Police notified and a request made for traffic monitoring early mornings before 9 am.  Outcome is that the car is not obstructing traffic.



Proposed New Ysgol Llanfair D C

Clerk – Full application to hand.  Response sent by 08/11/17



Mains Gas

Invitation to Miri Meithrin, Eyarth Station guesthouse & neighbouring farms to join campaign

Cllr Moira Edwards advised this is in abeyance depending on gas route chosen






Fundraising – Permitted Lotteries

Cllr Paul Weston – Difficult to find a good example but consideration given to registration with DCC – included in draft precept budget 2018/19.

Members were reminded that any fundraising must be for specific projects and should tie in with the Neighbourhood Plan.





Overview of Highways & Environmental Services

Clerk – A list of bins located in the Community Council area requested, awaiting response. Two reminders sent, third to be sent

War Memorial – Plaque to commemorate those who died in a plane crash as requested by Mr John Harrop

Clerk – Quotations  sought including cleaning and repainting  existing inscription on the War Memorial

Addition of Name to War Memorial

Clerk – Further information to be obtained from a relative

Grant towards cost of final repairs

Clerk – Ongoing









Councillors’ Email Addresses and Use of the Welsh Government Hwb Platform

Clerk – Reply received from Amy Selby, DCC re accounts.  Option is probably unsuitable.  Query to be referred to Liz Grieve at DCC.  Advice received from One Voice Wales to the effect that in order to achieve email addresses the Council’s website would need to have a new domain name.  An item to be placed on the agenda for the January meeting.





Caravan at Erw Fair

Clerk – Enforcement notice was served at the end of October.  The Planning & Compliance Officer has not had an opportunity to visit the site but will be in touch again in due course.


Discussion on the following consultation documents was deferred from the Council meeting held on 6 November 2017:6

 384.1  Welsh Government

[a]  Review of Community & Town Council Sector – Email dated 3 October 2017 from Welsh Government Independent Review Panel

[b]  The 2018 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in Wales –   Closing date for comments – 11 December 2017

[c]  Review of the Electoral Arrangements for the County of Denbighshire  Closing date for comments – 23 January 2018

RESOLVED that the content of consultation documents [a], [b] and [c] be noted and to await One Voice Wales’ submission with interest before sending a response.

384.2  Denbighshire Housing Newsletter Issue One – Autumn 2017  The Lead Officer for Community Housing is happy to attend a Community Council meeting.  RESOLVED  that [a] details be forwarded to Councillors and [b] Mr Geoff Davies, Lead Officer – Community Housing be  invited to attend a future meeting of the Community Council.

384.3  St Kentigern Hospice   Email dated 22 November 2017 from Peter Alexander, Community Fundraiser about local fundraising opportunities.  RESOLVED that the Clerk contacts Mr Peter Alexander by phone to ascertain how the Council can assist..


385.1  Application 20/2017/0819  New Primary School – Reconsultation and Revised Plans, New Pedestrian Link, Travel Plan, Archaeological Field Evaluation, Reptile Presence/Absence Surveys, Ecological Mitigation, Compensation & Enhancement Method Statement.  Response required by 11 December 2017.  It was noted that the County Council had been in touch with the residents affected by the proposed footpath link.  RESOLVED that the content of the documents be noted.

385.2  Application 20/2017/1049  Installation of a 21m lattice mast supporting 3 no antenna and 2 no dishes, together with 2 no ground based equipment cabinets, 1 no meter cabinet and ancillary development including 1.10m timber post and rail fence – Land at Cefn Coch, Llanrhydd, Ruthin.  RESOLVED that the Council has no objection and therefore supports the application.

385.3  Application 20/2017/1037  Erection of Extension to Dwelling – Bacheirig, Llanfair D C.  RESOLVED that the Council has no objection and therefore supports the application.

385.4  Application 20/2017/1068 Details of Phasing Plan submitted in Accordance with Condition no 3 of Planning Permission Code No 20/2016/1137 – Land West of Wrexham Road, Llanfair D C

RESOLVED that a response be sent expressing Members’ concern that there was no timetable and firm date for commencement of work on the site, and whether work would be carried out over seven or five days in a week.  Members are also seeking an assurance that the A525 highway will be kept clean during this period.  Notification/confirmation about the timetable would be appreciated as soon as possible.

385.5  Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Note:  Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty [AONB] Consultation Document or

Two drop in sessions arranged at Loggerheads Country Park CH7 5LH on Wednesday 06/12/17 [10am-2pm] and Thursday 18/01/18 [2-6pm].  Comments to by 29 January 2018.


386.1  Parking Problems within the Local Community  Reported that residents in the Bron y Clwyd area of Llanfair D C had expressed concern that they are unable to park outside their own homes on those occasions when there is a large gathering, that is, a wedding or funeral in the village.  It was noted that residents pay a contribution towards grass cutting in their rents.   RESOLVED that the Clerk contacts the County Council to seek clarification whether the car park area is public or private to residents in DCC housing provision.  Should it be found that residents have the sole right to park outside their homes a request be made for clear signage to be erected.


RESOLVED that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items:


387.1  Request for Financial Aid – Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity

RESOLVED that the charity be informed that the Community Council’s policy is to support local organisations only.

387.2  Payment of Accounts/Invoices  RESOLVED that payments be made as follows:

[a]  £983.88 – Zoll – AED Plus Lay Responder

[b]  £402.00 – Pawle & Co Ltd – Non Locking Cabinet for Responder Equipment

[c]  £84.00 – SLCC Membership Subscription 2018

[d]  £247.46  Christmas Tree Purchases made by Councillor Keith Moulsdale:-

[£199.99 – Lights4Fun – New Christmas Tree Lights

£14.99 – Weatherproof Box for Outdoor Electrical Power Connections

£22.48 – Flex and Adaptor – Screwfix

£10.00 – contribution towards cost of electricity]

387.3  Quotations re the War Memorial

[a]  Plaque to commemorate those airmen who died when their aeroplane crashed in the vicinity of Llanfair.  Reported that quotations had been sought for removal of the bottom block and engraving of 96 letters, together with the cost of cleaning the memorial and re-painting of all letters

Quotation 1 –  Removal/engraving only – £620.00 [plus VAT] = £744.00

Quotation 2 – Removal/engraving  –  £816.00 [no VAT] & cleaning/repainting £520.00 [no VAT]

Quotation 3 –  Cleaning/repainting only – £550.00  “Inscription to the crashed airmen on the Memorial is not a good one. A War Memorial is dedicated to local people who died in the two World Wars and after.  Obviously the air crew were not local and they should be named – you would not get their names on the small bottom stone.  The Council could consider a separate stone maybe Welsh slate to commemorate and name the air crew perhaps with an image of the plane they flew in.  This stone could be placed near the Memorial”.

RESOLVED – that [a]  having considered the recommendations made under Quotation 3 Members took the view that the commemoration for the airmen ought to be on a separate stone placed near the Memorial and [b] other quotations be sought to this effect when the names have been confirmed.

[b]  Addition of Name to War Memorial – Members were reminded that the War Memorial Trust require information such as a military record, copies of formal documents [birth/marriage/death certificates], including confirmation that he/she is not recorded elsewhere locally.  RESOLVED that the Community Council meets the cost of obtaining the requisite records.

387.4  Neuadd Eleanor’s Application for DCC Commuted Sums  RESOLVED  that a letter be sent to the County Council to confirm that the improvement work to the car park had been completed.

387.5  Precept for 2018/19

Reported that the Welsh Government’s Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales [IRPW] is of the view that community/town councillors are not volunteers because further to the democratic process they have accepted formal responsibilities and they all face some degree of liability, in respect of the Council function they are running.  As a consequence the Panel is mandating payment of a contribution of £150 per member to costs and expenses and reimbursement of the costs of care as set out in Determinations 44, 50 and 51 of its Report.  Determination 51 authorises community/town councils to provide a civic lead payment to mayors/chairs up to £1,500 and deputy mayors/chairs an allowance up to a maximum of £500.  These payments are in addition to the basic sum of £150.

RESOLVED that a sum of £1,500 be included in the Community Council’s precept budget for 2018/19 to cover mandatory allowances for Councillors.  This would make a budget requirement of £26,903 in total.

388  DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS  [All meetings to commence at 7 pm]

Monday 8 January [Genus Centre, Llanrhydd LL15 2UP]

Thursday 1 February [Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D C – main hall]

Thursday 15 March [Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D C – main hall]

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.45 pm

John Pugh ________________________CHAIR__________________DATE