Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at The Genus Centre, Llanrhydd LL15 2UP on Monday 8 January 2018 at 7 pm.

 PRESENT – Councillors David Baker, Bob Barton [for part of the meeting], Wini Davies, Moira Edwards, Jayne Mayers [Vice-Chair], Keith Moulsdale, John Pugh [Chair], Paul Weston  and Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

 IN ATTENDANCE   Four members of the public

APOLOGIES  Councillor Hugh H Evans OBE, Leader of Denbighshire County Council;  Councillors Tim Faire [illness] and Medwen Roberts [illness].


389  DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST  Councillor John Pugh with regard to Neuadd Eleanor as trustee and as a Governor of Ysgol Llanfair; Councillor Keith Moulsdale as a trustee of Neuadd Eleanor.


390.1  Mains Gas  Wales & West Utilities has provided further quotations to include the existing village/new housing development/new school, which means that the overall cost of the scheme and mains contribution cost per property has reduced.  This is based on – Scope = 222, Penetration = 155, and Acceptance Rate = 77.  It was also reported that Wales & West Utilities’ investment committee is due to meet in mid January.

DCC’s Education Department has indicated that the County Council can only make a commitment to explore utilising mains gas if and when available.  Further clarification on timescales is required to identify if it fits in with the new school’s construction programme.

No reply had been received from DCC Housing to date but Grwp Cynefin has confirmed its interest and intention to utilize the natural gas network when it arrives.

Pure has stressed the importance of obtaining the Wales & West timetable as it is critical for them.  The Clerk confirmed that she was waiting for a response from Wales & West Utilities about their proposed timescale.

Members considered that the village hall needs to be added to the list of properties requiring mains gas and that the overall cost could be reduced by negotiating with suppliers.  It was confirmed that a network of pipes would be laid up to properties through the village.  It was suggested that Wales and West Utilities (or other supplier) be invited to attend a meeting at the village hall in due course.

RESOLVED that an action plan and timescales are needed, and an approach be made to at least three providers [such as British Gas, Scottish Power and others] as soon as possible.

390.2  Defibrillators  Tomos Hughes from Achub Calon y Dyffryn has been requested to carry out an assessment to find the best location in Graigfechan for the defibrillator.  Councillors John Pugh and Jayne Mayers also intend to carry out a site visit in the near future.  A box has been obtained for a defibrillator to be located outside at Llysfasi College.

390.3  Neighbourhood Plan  Reported – a meeting has been arranged for steering group members to meet with DCC officers and the Leader on Thursday 11 January 2018 to discuss how the Community Council Plan and the County Corporate Plan can be aligned.  The plan is currently a discussion document.  It was considered that Denbighshire County Council should be asked to adopt the plan and a web interface developed.

390.4  Broadband  Improved broadband provision for Llanfair is on its way but  will require monitoring as to effectiveness.

391  MINUTES  RESOLVED   that [a] the minutes of the meeting held on 4 December 2017 were approved and signed as a correct record [b]  items concerning the fundraising group and engagement with young people remain on the matters arising/action taken section of the minutes and [c]  it is the responsibility of all Councillors to encourage young people across the Community Council area to engage and become involved in Council activities.


Date/Ref Action, By Whom and Status








Eyarth Bridge   Weight restriction sign is in the wrong position, needs to be further away from the bridge for drivers to see in time.  Highways informed.  Work commenced on pointing will continue next summer.  Improvements to highway drainage between the trunk road and bridge are ongoing but will require a weekend road closure.  Large vehicles are still travelling through the village.

DCC’s Senior Engineer has stated that legal orders are imminent and colleagues in Traffic will review the signage in the not too distant future.  Members pointed out that signage is present but not apparent and that the other on the Pwllglas side is obstructive.





Fundraising Group  [Councillors Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and Paul Weston]  Councillor Bob Barton stated that he would be happy to assist with fundraising.



Engaging with Young People  The Clerk reported that letters were sent on 12/10/17 to Clwyd YFC, Llysfasi, Ysgol Brynhyfryd, and Ruthin School.  No response received.




Overview of Highways & Environmental Services

Clerk – A list of bins located in the Community Council area requested, awaiting response. Three reminders sent.  Clerk to take follow up action as necessary.








War Memorial – Plaque to commemorate those who died in a plane crash as requested by Mr John Harrop.  Quotations  sought including cleaning and repainting  existing inscription on the War Memorial.   Members have taken the view that names are to be included.

The Clerk has researched the names of airmen to be placed on a separate stone placed near the War Memorial but they require verification by RAF Military Records before permissions and new quotations are sought.

Addition of Name to War Memorial

Clerk – Further information to be obtained from a relative

Grant towards cost of final repairs

Clerk – Ongoing





Caravan at Erw Fair

Clerk – Enforcement notice was served at the end of October.  The Planning & Compliance Officer has not had an opportunity to visit the site but will be in touch again in due course.




Denbighshire Housing

The Clerk has invited Mr Geoff Davies, Lead Officer to a future meeting.  No response to date.  Reminder to be sent.





Parking Problems within the Local Community

The Clerk has contacted the County Council to seek clarification whether the car park area is public or private to residents in DCC housing provision at Bron y Clwyd.  No response to date.  The Clerk to send another letter with a copy to the Leader.



Traffic Calming Measures at Graigfechan

The Clerk to enquire whether Welsh Government has approved the advance speed limit notification signs.


393.1  Email dated 13 December 2017 from One Voice Wales Re Buckingham Palace Garden Parties  RESOLVED  that Councillor John Pugh’s name be put forward to be included in the One Voice Wales draw.

393.2  Email dated 15 December 2017 from DCC’s Monitoring Officer Re City, Town & Community Council Representative Vacancy on the Standards Committee [Closing date 10/01/18]  RESOLVED that Councillor Bob Barton’s name be put forward for consideration.

393.3  Email dated 18 December 2017 from Flintshire & Wrexham Online Watch Link Assoc Re Request from a resident for ‘No Cold Calling Stickers’.  RESOLVED  that the resident be referred to Councillor Moira Edwards who is interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Group in the Llanfair area.

  • Letter dated 2 January 2018 from One Voice Wales – Next Meeting of Area Committee on 24 January 2018 at the Bro Aled Education Centre, Llansannan – Noted that Councillor Bob Barton usually attends Area Meetings.


394.1    Pre-application Consultation Documents  Erection of a New Calf Rearing Unit comprising two Rearing Sheds, Offices, Storage Building and Midden Facility and associated works at Genus Green Park, Llanrhydd, Ruthin [Plans available to view at Ruthin Library from 02-30/01/18].

RESOLVED that members be asked to consider whether they wish to add further comments made at the meeting.  Although members support the application in principle it is suggested that rather than building a normal standard looking agricultural building, Genus plc should be encouraged to erect a building to a higher standard, more visually pleasing and in keeping with AONB principles.  Members would also be seeking an assurance that environmental standards are being met.

394.2   Planning Application 20/2017/0819   New School Llanfair D C – Reported that plans have been approved and that the new school will be built on land opposite Bron y Clwyd, Llanfair using funding from the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools and Education programme, as well as investment from Denbighshire County Council.  It was confirmed that the pedestrian footpath had been included.

394.3   Consultation Paper on Planning Law in Wales [30/11/17-01/03/18]   RESOLVED that [a] a response is made as follows – The evidence in England [ area list ) would strongly suggest that a Neighbourhood Planning process, leading to Neighbourhood Development Orders has achieved a substantial uptake and offers an effective approach to promote sensitive, locally-driven forward planning mechanisms for development and community enhancement.  There is no argument presented in the consultation paper to suggest why it is inappropriate for Wales to implement these provisions from the Localism Act 2011 to enable communities to benefit from a more grass roots approach to development that can support a better informed and more effective Local Planning process, drawing on well researched strategic and local evidence.

[b]  the Community Council seeks support from One Voice Wales/Unllais Cymru and the Welsh Local Government Association to support the inclusion of provisions for Neighbourhood Development Orders into a Planning [Wales] Bill.

Councillor Bob Barton expressed a desire to draw together planning experts within various local community councils to put together proposals to be considered by the Community Council.


395.1   Drainage/flooding problems at the T Junction to Llanfair DC/Llanbedr DC/Pentre Coch.  Following a complaint received by a resident it was   RESOLVED  that a site visit be arranged between Highways, the Leader and Councillor John Pugh.

  • Bollards A member enquired whether residents are allowed to place white bollards outside their properties.  RESOLVED that the Clerk makes enquiries with DCC’s Highways Department.


396  RESOLVED that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items: 


397.1  Submitted – Summary of Income & Expenditure for the period 1 April to 31 December 2017  The Clerk advised that the balance in the bank as at 31 December 2017 was £12,623.41 in the Community Account and £1,022.79  in the Business Account.  Taking into account unpresented cheques and payments to be made this left £10,295.14 of available funds in the Community Account as at 8 January.  RESOLVED that the financial statement be received and adjustments approved.

397.2  Request for Financial Aid

RESOLVED that the [a]  Ambulance Services Union application be turned down

[b]  Urdd Gobaith Cymru application [Re Eisteddfod in Denbighshire 2020] be deferred until April 2018.

Payment of Accounts/Invoices

RESOLVED that payments be made as follows:

£480.30 – Sandra Williams – Translation Service

£378.09 – Clerk’s Expenses

£56.00 – Christmas Tree Purchase made by Councillor Keith Moulsdale

£100.00 – Genus Centre – donation in lieu of use of committee room

397.4  Appointment of Internal Auditor

RESOLVED that JDH Business Services Ltd be reappointed as the Community Council’s Internal Auditor for 2017/18.

397.5  Precept Budget 2018-19 [closing date for submission 15/01/18]

RESOLVED  that the [a] following amendments be approved –

Member Allowances to be increased from £1500 to £3500 [these allowances are not being claimed by present Councillors but it is mandatory to include by Welsh Government]

SLCC Subscription to be increased from £80 to £100

Community Plan Activities to be increased from £1077 to £1087

[b] Clerk be authorised to submit a precept application to DCC in the sum of £29,010

398  TRAINING – Submitted –  One Voice Wales’ Training Programme February – July 2018.  Members were advised that there is no provision in the budget until April 2018.

399  RISK ASSESSMENTRESOLVED  that Councillors John Pugh and Keith Moulsdale make arrangements for carrying out the annual risk assessment .

400  EMAIL ADDRESSES – Reported that obtaining a email address would entail changing the Community Council’s domain name.  The Clerk had sought advice on the matter from Mr Chris Birchall who considers that the cost of doing so outweighs  the benefits.  A member wants to know how many visits are made to the Council website.  RESOLVED that Councillors Keith Moulsdale and Paul Weston look into finding out how to access the number of visits to the website and the possibility of adding a councillor’s name to the current domain name to create an unique councillor email address, for example,


Thursday 1 February [Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D C – main hall]

Thursday 15 March [Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D C – main hall]

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at

9.30  pm

John Pugh ________________________CHAIR___________________DATE