Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at Ysgol Pentrecelyn on Monday 11 June 2018 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT – Councillors, David Baker [Vice-Chair], Wini Davies, Moira Edwards [Part 1 of the meeting], Tim Faire, Jayne Mayers [Chair], Keith Moulsdale,  John Pugh, Paul Weston and Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE  –  2 members of the public and guest speakers Gwenno Owen and Sara Evans

APOLOGIES  Councillor Medwen Roberts [Governors meeting at Ysgol Pentrecelyn] and Emily Reddy, Community Development Officer, DCC Housing [family bereavement].  It was noted that Councillor Bob Barton had informed the Clerk that he would be arriving late but had not arrived by the time the meeting ended. 



Councillor John Pugh with regard to Neuadd Eleanor as trustee, as a Governor of Ysgol Llanfair and the agent of planning application 20/2018/0484 and Councillor Keith Moulsdale as a trustee of Neuadd Eleanor.


451.1  Mains Gas  Reported that [a]  residents had received letters from Wales & West Utilities [WWU] requesting down payment [b] the landowner had been in touch with the estate for permission to re-route which could make  the scheme less expensive [c] WWU has received an acceptance from the developer to connect the new housing site to the gas network  [d]  Denbighshire Education is in touch with WWU with regard to the new school and [e] Darren Millar AM has agreed to meet a small group of Community Council representatives together with a representative from WWU on 9 July in the first instance at which an open meeting to include the whole community and all Members of the Council will be sought in due course.

451.2  Urdd Eisteddfod 2020 Funding Appeal Gwenno Owen and Sara Evans gave an overview of fundraising arrangements locally and the money required to stage the Eisteddfod which is in the region of £2m.  Each area is given a target to raise funds over the next two years towards the festival considered to be the largest in Europe. Gwenno and Sara were thanked for their input and were requested to forward publicity material to the Clerk for posting on the Community Council website.  It was suggested that consideration be given to include a sum of money in the precept budget later on in the year towards the cost of the festival.


The minutes of the meeting held on 21 May 2018 were approved and signed as a correct record.


Ref/Date Action, By Whom and Status





Fundraising Group  [Councillors Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and Paul Weston].  Group meetings to be arranged when projects are identified.   Councillor Bob Barton is happy to assist with fundraising.   Calor Gas community fund details are as follows:


Engaging with Young People  It has been determined that Councillors are responsible for engaging with young people.










War Memorial – Plaque to commemorate those who died in a plane crash as requested by Mr John Harrop.  Quotations sought including cleaning and repainting existing inscription on the War Memorial.   The Clerk has researched the names of airmen to be placed on a separate stone placed near the War Memorial but they require verification by RAF Military Records before permissions and new quotations are sought.  Consideration being given to placing a memorial in the church grounds as an option.  The Clerk has made enquiries with the church authorities.  The Church Committee has given approval in principle but requires authorisation from the Archdeacon.  Clerk to draft application.
Addition of Name to War Memorial

Clerk – Further information to be obtained from a relative.  Work on a grant application towards the cost of final repairs is ongoing as time permits.



Caravan at Erw Fair    Monitoring to continue.


Traffic Calming Measures at Graigfechan

An order has been placed for advanced warning signs which should be on site by 15 June 2018.



White Bollards at Graigfechan

Clerk to enquire whether this is permissible. Response – a site inspection is to take place.





Eyarth Bridge  Signage issue being looked at by the County Council’s traffic section.  Another complaint has been referred to the Leader.  Clerk requested to write to Highways about the need for signage from Llanfair end on the A525


General Waste Bins  Advice on suitable locations awaited from the County Council, for example, next to the bus stop in Llanfair.  A double bin is favoured opposite the new school.  All bins to have flaps.


Drainage/Flooding Problems at Pentre Coch  Monitoring to continue.


Extension of 30 mph Speed Restriction at Pentrecelyn  The matter has been referred to the Head of Highways



A525 Junction – Plas Bedw Lane  Highways requested to improve safety.  There should be a warning sign at the very least and ideally double white lines also.



Parking at Bron y Clwyd Llanfair D C  Additional signage requested and actioned.


Bus Services Graigfechan  DCC requested to clarify how the request scheme operates.  Query forwarded to Highways on 30/05/18



454.1  Broadband  Email dated 20 May 2018 from DCC’s Economic & Business Development Officer.  The following schemes are all accessible to farm businesses, namely, Access Broadband Cymru, Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme, Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.  Another option is Openreach’s Community Fibre Partnership Scheme which involves a group of residents and businesses contracting Openreach to develop a network in their community and raising funding to cover any shortfall.  The Welsh Government’s new investment programme starting later this year to address premises which missed out on the first project will involve premises getting superfast broadband [at least 30Mbps download] over the course of two years.  The County Council is, however, still waiting for the Welsh Government announcement.  Any business requiring support should contact DCC’s Economic Department.

RESOLVED  that Councillor Bob Barton be requested to concentrate on ‘not spot’ areas and availability for farming and other rural businesses.

 454.2  Neighbourhood Plan  Email dated 30 May 2018 from DCC’s Business Improvement & Modernisation – Community Development Officer with an invitation to wellbeing impact assess the plan.  There is a wellbeing impact assessment online resource which is currently only available for Council projects within Denbighshire but the County Council recognises that it could be of huge benefit to city, town and community councils as well as community groups.  The tool is to help evaluate the impact of a new idea, policy, report or project.  It will support ways to enhance the contribution communities can make to the wellbeing of future generations.  RESOLVED that the offer to impact assess the plan be accepted subject to updating the community plan.  The result of the Cadwyn funded community survey commissioned by the Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee is due soon.  When this is available the community plan group can meet to consider what should be included in the plan.

 454.3  New Model Standing Orders from NALC updated to reflect legislative changes which have occurred since 2013.  This document will prove useful when the Council reviews its Standing Orders in due course.  Members noted the content.

  • Feedback/Reports on Conferences/Meetings Attended

[a]  Reported that Councillor Bob Barton had attended an Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales [IRPW] regional event on 9 May 2018 but is awaiting for further information in order to finalise a report.  He has, in the meantime, requested that a motion be put to the One Voice Wales AGM to call upon Welsh Government to amend Section 147 of the Local Government [Wales] Measure 2011 to amend the timetable for the IRPW’s annual reports.  Members felt they could not agree with Councillor Barton’s request and that it was too late in any event to submit a motion as the deadline of 31 May had passed.

[b]  The Clerk asked for permission to attend a SLCC Branch Meeting on 20 June and the SLCC’s Regional Conference on 5 September 2018 in Llandudno.  Approved.


455.1  Application 20/2018/0484 Erection of ground floor extension to dwelling – Branas, Llanfair D C  RESOLVED that the application be supported.

455.2  Application 20/2018/0448 Erection of detached bungalow – land at Clover Bank Eyarth to Haymakers Road, Llanfair D C.  Reported that some residents had voiced concerns.   RESOLVED that the response to the Planning Department highlights concerns about road safety and visibility and that it is hoped that the County Council will ensure the road is widened  all the way along this section of the lane.

 455.3  Application 20/2018/0505  Details of the vehicular access and associated highway works submitted in accordance with condition number 10 of planning permission code number 20/2016/1137/PF – Land West of Wrexham Road, Llanfair D C.  Members noted receipt.

455.4  Static Caravan at Ty Coch, Graigfechan Email dated 23 May 2018 from DCC’s Planning Officer stating that if the caravan is being used as temporary accommodation whilst building a new house, then it would likely fall within permitted development rights.  The proviso is, that once the new house is completed, they need to cease using the caravan as living accommodation.  If the caravan is outside the garden boundary [eg on an adjoining field], the caravan would need to be removed from the site once the house is completed.  However, if the caravan is within the garden area or on the driveway, the caravan could be left in place providing that it is only used for purposes incidental to the main house and not as a separate dwelling or commercial use [eg holiday let].  Members noted the content of the email.

455.5  Denbighshire Open Space Assessment & Audit  This report documents the methodology, findings of  audit and assessment and provides recommendations for informing an approach to securing open space facilities in new housing developments.  Members noted the content of the document.


456.1  Church Wall, Llanfair D C  Reported that quotations are being sought.

456.2 Community Garden at Graigfechan  Reported that Councillor Bob Barton had attended a recent communal garden event at Llanbedr D C being judged for a Green Flag Community Award.  Members noted that Councillor Barton would be happy to assist with the Graigfechan community garden and to help achieve Green Flag status once established.


457  RESOLVED that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items: 


458.1   Payment of Accounts/Invoices  RESOLVED that payments be made as follows:

£417.51  Zurich Municipal [Insurance Premium].  It was noted that the Clerk had negotiated a reduction of £19.66.

£140.04  Sandra Williams [Translation Service]

 Requests for Financial Aid  RESOLVED  that [a] the applications from Capel Salem and the Urdd 2020 Appeal be deferred until later in the year [b] a grant of £150 be made to Llanfair Church towards grass cutting.

458.3  Pay & Conditions of Service of the Clerk – New Pay Scales for 2018-19 to be implemented from 1 April 2018    Reported  that the Chair and Vice-Chair had conducted the annual appraisal on 4 June 2018 and concluded that they had no issues with the Clerk’s ability to fulfil the role to a high standard.  They also acknowledged that the Clerk puts in a number of voluntary hours on a regular basis over and above the hours paid for.  There is provision in the 2018-19  budget to cover an increase in  the Clerk’s paid hours from 25 to 28 per month [300 to 336 per annum SCP 25] and to increase the salary from £11.74 to £12.01 per hour with effect from 1 April 2018.  This would cost £4180 out of the £4230 already earmarked.

RESOLVED that the [a] Clerk’s hours and salary be increased to 28 per month and £12.01 per hour respectively from 1 April 2018 and [b] standing order to the payroll provider be amended accordingly.


2018 –  9 July, 10 Sept, 8 Oct, 12 Nov, 10 Dec

2019 – 14 January, 11 February, 11 March

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at

8.15  pm