Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at the Genus Centre, Llanrhydd LL15 2UP on Monday 16 April 2018 at 7 pm.

PRESENT – Councillors Bob Barton [part of the meeting], David Baker, Tim Faire, Jayne Mayers [Vice-Chair],  Keith Moulsdale, John Pugh [Chair] and Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE  –  2 members of the public

APOLOGIES  Councillors Wini Davies [prior commitment], Moira Edwards [illness], Medwen Roberts [holiday] and Paul Weston [holiday].



Councillor John Pugh with regard to Neuadd Eleanor as trustee and as a Governor of Ysgol Llanfair; Councillor Keith Moulsdale as a trustee of Neuadd Eleanor.


426.1  Mains Gas  Wales & West Utilities has produced a quotation valid for 90 days from 13 March 2018.  Progress is dependent upon receiving a minimum number of quotation acceptances within the validity period of the quotation.   Mr Darren Millar AM is happy to lend his support for the proposal to bring mains gas to Llanfair D C.  His staff are in the process of facilitating a meeting between the Council and Wales & West Utilities. 

426.2  Defibrillators  Contact has been made with DCC Housing with approval given for a defibrillator to be fitted on a Council property in Graigfechan.  The tenant, however, has expressed concern about the cost of electricity even though the Community Council has set aside a sum of money towards this expenditure.  Consideration is being given to a separate meter being fitted so that the Community Council is either invoiced direct or the County Council raises a recharge invoice or another option is found. 

426.3  Neighbourhood Plan and Community Survey  Mr Phil Webb, Treasurer, Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee, gave an overview of the initial results of the community survey, communication with residents being high, a newsletter for the whole area would be welcomed as people want to know what is going on.  The survey produced a 40% return.  Initial results are on display at Neuadd Eleanor on 19 April between 1 and 6 pm and 21 April between 10 am and 12 noon.  The Chair thanked Mr Webb for his verbal report.   

426.4  Broadband  Update  A reply from Cadwyn Clwyd is awaited regarding their project, but it appears that the scheme has been discontinued.

427  MINUTES  RESOLVED   The minutes of the meeting held on 19 March 2018 were approved and signed as a correct record.


Ref/Date Action, By Whom and Status




Fundraising Group  [Councillors Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and Paul Weston]  Councillor Bob Barton stated that he would be happy to assist with fundraising.   Group meetings to be arranged when projects are identified.



Engaging with Young People  The Clerk reported that letters were sent on 12/10/17 to Clwyd YFC, Llysfasi, Ysgol Brynhyfryd, and Ruthin School.  No response received.  It has been determined that Councillors are responsible for engaging with young people.








War Memorial – Plaque to commemorate those who died in a plane crash as requested by Mr John Harrop.  Quotations sought including cleaning and repainting existing inscription on the War Memorial.   The Clerk has researched the names of airmen to be placed on a separate stone placed near the War Memorial but they require verification by RAF Military Records before permissions and new quotations are sought.  Consideration being given to placing a memorial in the church grounds as an option.  The Clerk has made enquiries with the church authorities.  The Church Committee has given approval in principle but requires authorisation from the Archdeacon.
Addition of Name to War Memorial

Clerk – Further information to be obtained from a relative.  Work on a grant application towards the cost of final repairs is ongoing as time permits.





Caravan at Erw Fair  Planning & Enforcement Officer visited the property on 07/02/18 and observed the caravan is still in situ outside of the residential cartilage.  Request to have the caravan moved reiterated to within the cartilage.  He received an assurance that the necessary action would be carried out within 6 weeks.  Monitoring is to continue.



Traffic Calming Measures at Graigfechan

The Clerk to enquire whether Welsh Government has approved the advance speed limit notification signs.  Approval expected sometime in 2018-19 financial year.





White Bollards at Graigfechan

Clerk to enquire whether this is permissible. The Clerk to continue sending reminders until a response is received.




Risk Assessment

Councillors John Pugh and Keith Moulsdale to arrange.  A report is to be presented to the Council on 21 May 2018.


429.1  General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR].  Submitted – Copy of SLCC checklist and advice as how to proceed.  The first step is the compilation of a list of the data which the Council holds, where it came from and who it is shared with.  Privacy notices are required and put in place in time for GDPR implementation on or before 25 May 2018.  Council policies relating to data processing and protection should be updated/developed to reflect the new requirements.  The Clerk reported that she had been in touch with the County Council to request that GDPR be placed as an agenda item for the next cluster meeting for Clerks and Chairs of Community/Town Councils.  RESOLVED  The Clerk to compile a list of data which the Council holds and to produce a draft privacy notice for approval.


430.1  Application 20/2017/1156 Erection of a new calf rearing unit comprising two rearing sheds, offices, storage building and midden facility and associated works at Genus Green Park, Llanrhydd.  Members confirmed that they supported the proposal.


431.1  Parking at Bron y Clwyd, Llanfair D C  New signage is being printed to show dedicated parking area for tenants and residents.

431.2  Eyarth Bridge  Email dated 27 March from DCC’s Senior Engineer providing an update on work to the bridge.  This year work is to be carried out to five trees around the bridge with a view of exposing the bridge to more sunlight to assist in the drying out process.  The majority of the repointing to the elevations of the bridge will be completed as well.  The sections of lime pointing undertaken last year is already making a marked difference and these locations are much drier.  The benefits of the carriageway and drainage improvements will be realised when the pointing is complete on the entire bridge.  The signage issue is being looked at by a traffic colleague.

431.3  Church Wall, Llanfair D C  Reported – The Chair had carried out a risk assessment on the condition of the wall, stones have dislodged, a contractor has moved them to a place of safety and quotations being sought to carry out repair work to the church wall.  The Community Council does not own the wall but is responsible for repairs and maintenance, the cost of which is likely to be considerable on this occasion.

431.4  General Waste Bins  Reported – There are two double waste bins in the area – outside the church in Llanfair and near Llysfasi College.  DCC can supply Single Bins £250 each plus £50 installation, Double Bins £375 each plus £50 installation.  It was suggested that single bins be provided opposite the location of the new school in Llanfair, at Parc y Llan Llanfair, by the Old Post Office Pentrecelyn and near the noticeboard at Graigfechan.  RESOLVED  The Clerk to contact the County Council about advice on the proposed locations.

431.5  Drainage/Flooding Problems at Pentre Coch

DCC Highways’ Risk and Asset Manager had sent an email on 13 April 2018  to the landowner [the complainant], with a copy to the Clerk, providing an update on the present situation.   More regular checks on gully cleansing in the location was carried out in conjunction with the streetscene manager based in Ruthin but due to the snow and ice conditions may not have been as diligent as hoped.  Highways has struggled to get a contractor to do the concrete apron to the gully but work should be done by the end of April.  The third and final undertaking was that the County Council would re-shape the junction so that as much water as possible is deflected away from the flood prone area.  This will also address the poor quality of the surface but there is no specific date when this can be carried out but will be done as soon as a contractor becomes available.  The streetscene manager has also been asked to attend to the potholes as soon as possible.  It appears that this matter has been an ongoing issue for at least two years.  RESOLVED  Members noted the content of the email stating that the situation should continue to be monitored.

  • Pentrecelyn – DCC Notice of Permanent 30 mph Speed Restriction  The County Council has been requested to consider a 30 mph speed limit along the lane from the A525  past Bryn Coch Farm and other properties to Pentrecelyn.  The matter is currently with the Head of Highways.
  • A525 Junction at the Bottom of Plas Bedw Lane  Councillor Tim Faire reported that there is no sign coming from Ruthin to identify that there is a turning to the right and that it can be quite dangerous turning onto the main road as often cars coming from Ruthin try to overtake before the Nant y Garth Pass.  He also reported that protruding rocks/stones are catching on lorry tyres along this narrow lane, particularly at Erw Gam and The Dingle.  RESOLVED  The Clerk to inform Highways with a request to find out what  can be done to improve safety along these routes.


432  RESOLVED that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items: 

    • Submitted [a]  Summary of Income & Expenditure for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018  [b]  Receipts & Payments Cash Book for 2017-18  and [c] Copy of Council Tax Precept 2018/19 as approved on 8 January 2018.  The Clerk advised that the balance in the bank as at 31 March 2018 was £8884.76 [less uncleared cheque for £50] in the Community Account and £1022.96 in the Business Account.  The available funds total is £9857.72.  Members noted that the £1630 left in the election costs budget for 2017/18 would be carried forward.  The Clerk advised that the £8620 earmarked for war memorial repairs would have to be reduced to £4441 to ensure that the Council holds a minimum general reserve figure of 20% for working capital [£3786] to take the Council forward into the 2018/19 financial year.

 RESOLVED  Members unanimously approved the accounts and the steps proposed to ensure that the Council holds a minimum general reserve figure of 20% for working capital at the commencement of the 2018/19 financial year.

 Requests for Financial Aid RESOLVED that grants be allocated as follows:

£150  Capel Salem Llanfair D C

£150  Capel Ebenezer Graigfechan

433.3  Payment of Accounts/Invoices  RESOLVED that payments be made as follows:

£152  Membership of One Voice Wales

£  35  ICO Registration

  • Update on Audit Matters A date of 26 April 2018 has been given to deliver documents to JDH Business Services Ltd for the 2017/18 internal audit.  The Clerk reminded Members that both the internal and external auditors expect reports on issues arising and actions taken by the Council.  Copies had been circulated to Members before the meeting.  The annual return pack was received from BDO on 14 April 2018.

RESOLVED  Members approved the reports prepared by the Clerk on issues raised by both the internal and external auditors and actions taken by the Council during 2017-2018.  Members also confirmed that they approved the internal audit plan presented to them at the meeting held on 31 January 2018.

433.5  Policy on Reserves  Submitted – draft paper.  RESOLVED  Approved.

433.6  Asset Register Submitted – updated copy of the 2017-18 register.  RESOLVED that the Asset Register be approved as amended and that the speed guns be removed from the list as they had been donated to the Llanfair and Graigfechan Speed Watch Group.


RESOLVED  Approval was given for attendance at training sessions as follows  [a] Clerk and Councillor Keith Moulsdale -OVW training session on Use of IT, Website and Social Media on 3 May 2018 at Mold [b] Councillor Bob Barton – Local Government Finance Training on 19 April 2018 at Mold.  Bursaries to be applied for.

435 DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS    RESOLVED The meeting on 21 May to commence at 7.30 instead of 7 pm.

2018 – 21 May, 11 June, 9 July, 10 Sept, 8 Oct, 12 Nov, 10 Dec

2019 – 14 January, 11 February, 11 March

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at

8.30  pm