Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at Ysgol Llanfair D C on Wednesday 17 May 2017 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT  – Councillors John Pugh [Chair],  David Baker, Bob Barton, Wini Davies, Moira Edwards, Tim Faire, Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and Medwen Roberts.  Eirwen Godden, Clerk.  IN ATTENDANCE  County Councillor Hugh H Evans, OBE together with 12 members of the public.

PART 1  APOLOGIES  None.  INTRODUCTIONS – All the Councillors and the Clerk introduced themselves.

316  DECLARATIONS OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE It was confirmed that all Councillors had signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.  Members were congratulated on being elected/re-elected.  County Councillor Hugh Evans was also congratulated on being re-elected.

317  RETIRING CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS  Councillor John Pugh welcomed all to the meeting.  It had been a very busy year for the Community Council.  The proposed development at Llanfair had generated a great deal of interest and brought people to Council meetings, their concerns had been forwarded to planners, their input had been valued and there would be other matters coming up for discussion requiring feedback from the general community. Remedial work is required on the War Memorial in Llanfair, prices have been sought but a grant application needs to be completed before putting to the Council for approval.  The Llanfair and Graigfechan Speed Watch Group had also been busy, the volunteers are fully trained and the Community Council had recently decided to donate the two speed guns purchased to the group. 

318 ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE-CHAIRMAN FOR 2017/18  [a]  Councillor John Pugh was proposed and seconded to be elected as Chairman.  This was agreed.  [b]  Councillor Jayne Mayers was proposed and seconded to be elected as Vice-Chairman.  This was agreed.  Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms were signed. 

319  DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST [a] Councillors John Pugh and Keith Moulsdale regarding matters connected with the Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee in their role as trustees.  [b]  Councillor David Baker regarding the Ty Vestry proposal as he is a member of the Llanfair Church Council.  [c]  Councillor Moira Edwards regarding the proposed housing development in Llanfair as she resides in a property adjacent to the application for planning permission made by Pure.

 320  CO-OPTION  There remains a vacancy on the Council following the recent uncontested election.  The Clerk will advertise the vacancy in accordance with legal requirements.

321  MINUTES  [a]  Minutes of the AGM/Ordinary Meeting held on 6 July 2016 which were confirmed on 3 August 2016.  [b] mIinutes of a Community Council Meeting held on 2 May 2017.  RESOLVED  The Minutes of the meeting held on 6 July 2016 were re-affirmed and the minutes of the meeting held on 2 May 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair.


311.1  Traffic on the A525 at Llanfair Village  Councillor Moira Edwards commented on the ongoing issue of speeding and volume of traffic through the village and towards Bron y Clwyd, the entrance to Parc y Llan and down the hill towards Pwllglas.  Residents Moira Edwards and Nick Webb, who live in Barnfold and Crossways [on the corner opposite the cenotaph] had a site visit with Highways recently regarding the traffic passing their properties. There are several pinch points through the village where it is difficult for vehicles to pass in different directions.  This is a dangerous situation for pedestrians and motorists, particularly when they are speeding through.  During the site visit, a resident was nearly hit by a car passing the gate to his house.  A request for slow down notices on the corner, by the cenotaph, and up through the village towards Pwllglas was requested.  Marc Musgrave, Planning & Public Protection Services, suggested that a painted white line coming round the cenotaph and up this road may help residents whose gates come straight out onto the road.  He also suggested that painted slow  signs on the road would be more advantageous/obvious than signs on posts. Highways is looking into the matter and will keep in touch.  Moira Edwards also requested data from the speed survey which is presently being monitored on the A525 [by the gates to the village hall] from Denbighshire County Council.  The data given needs to be analysed further.  The Community Council will follow this up.  A suggestion was made that the Speed Watch/Go Safe volunteers have a presence through the village for a while to monitor speeding. Steve Whipp is going to look into this.

311.3  Eyarth Bridge The Clerk reported that James [Jim] Hall, Senior Engineer, DCC had informed the Community Council that a legal order had been submitted on 10 May 2017 for an 18 tonne weight restriction. Additional capital expenditure has been approved to strengthen/refurbish up to 60 highway structures throughout the County over a ten year period, Pont Eyarth being one of the more critical and expensive schemes.  It is expected that the Pont Eyarth project will commence this year, when a plan will be developed followed by improvements to highway drainage around the bridge including work on the wing walls and lower parts of the arch next summer.  Further improvements will depend on how quickly the bridge dries out and it could take up to 4 years.  Once the bridge is dry there are proposals to rebuild at least one of the spandrel and parapet walls, re-point the entire bridge and carry out permanent stone repairs throughout.  The intention on completion, if possible, is to remove the weight restriction following a structural assessment.

313.1  Review of Standing Orders Dates & Times of Ordinary Meetings of the Council for the Ensuing Year  RESOLVED  To change to meeting every month on the first available Monday of the month at 7 pm.  [Seven votes for, Councillors Bob Barton and Tim Faire voted against the motion]. Amendments to Standing Orders will read as follows:

  • The Statutory Annual Meeting [a] in an election year shall be held on the fourth day after the date of the election or within fourteen days thereafter and [b] in a year, which is not an election year, shall be held on the first Monday in May.
  • A minimum of five additional meetings shall be held on the first available Monday of the month.
    • To suspend any Standing OrdeR  [See Standing Order 26.2 below].
  • Should the application be received between meetings, the Clerk shall refer every planning application to the Chair of the Council together with two other members for comments.  In the absence of the Chair, the application to be referred to the Vice-Chair and two members.  The decision of the three members to then be submitted to the next Council Meeting, for confirmation of the comments/actions taken by them and the Clerk.


323.1  St Asaph City Council Invitation to attend City Status 5th Anniversary Celebrations June 1st – 4th 2017  Details to be circulated to Members for information.

 323.2  DCC Street Trading Policy  Email dated 15 May 2017 stating that the Licensing Committee had given approval for a wider consultation to take place  details  Anyone wishing to make comments can send observations or suggestions direct to by 30 June 2017. Â

RESOLVED  That the email be received and noted.

323.3  North Wales – Marie Curie Fundraising Office is asking the Council to promote the upcoming Blooming Great Tea Party season, between 23rd and 25th June, within the community.  A free fundraising pack is available [bunting, invitations, posters, quiz questions and recipes]  RESOLVED –  That the information be received and noted.


324.1  Planning Application 20/2016/1137  Proposed Development of 63 Houses at Llanfair D C – Reported – that amended plans had been submitted showing that a pedestrian footpath is proposed between the new development and Bron y Clwyd, the open space has been split into two areas, one for water tanks and the other as a play area. Some of the Memorial trees are to be removed for access.

Residents present at the meeting expressed concerns about questions still unanswered, some aspects are totally unacceptable and they feel ignored.  Members were informed that a meeting had been arranged between residents and planners at the village hall on Thursday evening 18 May 2017.  Concern was expressed that not all residents were aware that a meeting had been arranged.  Residents requested that Members did not vote on the amended plans until after the meeting.  It was agreed that the Memorial trees should be moved to another place on the site.  Reference was made to a study on the well-being and impact on the quality of life of older residents in the existing bungalows.  The proposed footpath will be subject to a separate decision to be made by the County Council.  It was suggested that that the new houses should not be occupied until the footpath issue has been determined.  It was also pointed out that an amended design and access statement was also needed with regard to drainage, water tanks and highway matters to be in line with the latest amended plan.  RESOLVED  To request

[a]  an extension to the deadline for responses as it was considered that a full response could not be formulated whilst a community re-consultation process was still ongoing  [b]  a list of all questions or issues that residents consider need addressing following the meeting on Thursday 18 May.

 324.2  Planning Application 20/2017/0377  Proposed Works to One Yew Tree situated within the Conservation Area – Church of St Cynfarch & St Mary, Llanfair D C – RESOLVED  that the application be supported.

 324.3  Proposal for a Tea Room in Vestry House, Llanfair D C – Reported  that the Church Committee intends to submit a planning application for change of use and is seeking the comments of the Community Council before doing so. The proposal includes a tea room/flower shop to be managed by the public house landlord and parking at Neuadd Eleanor.  Local residents have, however, voiced concerns about the availability of parking especially on busy occasions such as school times/when users are at the hall.  It appears that access to the path onto Church grounds is blocked on occasions and that vehicles parking there indefinitely is becoming a problem.  RESOLVED  that the [a]  proposal be supported in principle [b]  Church Committee representatives be invited to attend a Community Council meeting to talk about the proposal.


325.1 Trees at Maes Hyfryd, Graigfechan  The Clerk reported that Heather Battison-Howard, DCC’s Green Space Development Officer, had left a message to say that following a complaint from a member of the public  remedial action would be taken to cut back overgrown trees near the bus shelter in Graigfechan.

 325.2  Traffic Calming Options – Graigfechan – Reported  that posts for the advance 30 mph [Llanfair D C end of the village] and the posts for the Vehicle Activated Signs [VAS] will be installed during Tuesday/Wednesday week commencing 15 May. The signs will follow shortly after.  A query was raised with regard to installation of additional VASs particularly on the approach to Graigfechan on the minor road off the A525 at the junction by the Old Smithy where the crossroad is prone to near misses.

RESOLVED  That the matter regarding additional VASs be raised with Marc Musgrave, Planning & Pubic Protection Services.

326  COMMUNITY MATTERS  – RESOLVED  Community Matters to be placed on the agenda at the beginning of each Council meeting in future.

326.1  Clean Streets – RESOLVED –  The Clerk to contact Denbighshire County Council regarding the removal of litter and leaves in Llanfair village.

326.2  Speeding/Caravan Causing an Obstruction  A Councillor has received complaints about speeding in the Parc y Llan area and a caravan parked on the roadside which is causing a visibility issue.  RESOLVED That the local CPSO be informed.

326.3  Elizabeth Owen Almshouses – Reported  that there are elder trees by the side door of the vacant property at No 6 which appear to be dangerous.  RESOLVED  – That Grwp Cynefin be informed.

326.4  Defibrillators – It was confirmed that Llanfair and Pentrecelyn schools are looking into the possibility of a grant for the supply of a defibrillator for each school.  Local schools in the area are currently meeting to consider ways of fundraising collectively to meet costs.  A discussion took place regarding the availability of defibrillators for the wider community as a whole.  It was suggested that defibrillators be added to the community plan.

326.5  War Memorial – RESOLVED  That information about the location of a second war memorial plaque in Llanfair village and the Memorial trees be placed on the Council’s website.

326.6  Community Plan – Reported – That Steve Whipp had produced a draft discussion paper [copy distributed at the meeting] to include the list of community projects discussed at a Council meeting held on 7 September 2016.  He is attending a series of Conwy & Denbighshire Public Services Board events during June 2017.  The document is still work in progress and is not a definitive list of proposals as more input is needed from residents.  Timelines and costs are also required in order to produce a five year strategic plan for the whole community area.  It was suggested that a steering group made up of local residents, separate from the Community Council, should be established.  All projects/schemes/proposals need to be identified and brought together and aligned using Neuadd Eleanor maybe as a hub, taking account of the Future Generations Act in a neighbourhood planning approach.  Plans should also mirror the County Council’s long term plans.  There are grants available to facilitate this process from agencies such as Cadwyn.  Members were reminded that wind farm monies [750k potentially]  will be available in due course and some proposals listed may be eligible for this funding .

RESOLVED  That [a]  Steve Whipp be thanked for his excellent work in developing the discussion paper and [b]  the document title be changed from Local Development Plan to Local Community Plan to avoid confusion with the County Council’s Planning Development Plans.

 PART 2  RESOLVED  That the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items:


327.1  End of Year Audit  Approval of Accounting Statement 2016-17 & Annual Governance Statement – Submitted  Statements for approval together with recommendations made by the internal auditor with reference to  [1]  revaluation of assets [2] the low amount of funds held in general reserve [3] absence of a VAT claim for 2014/15 and 2015/16 [4] staff costs figure [5] the need for letters of receipts for all large donations and [6] the need for mitigating action with regard to disaster recovery and business continuity.  The Clerk added that an explanation of significant variances in the accounting statements for the periods ending 31 March 2016 and 31 March 2017 would also have to be sent to the external auditor.  RESOLVED  That [a]  recommendations made by the internal auditor be noted and appropriate action taken to address the issues raised as follows:

 [1]  Clarification be obtained from the external auditor as to whether they agree with changing the valuation method from insurance proxy to purchase cost and whether they will require the previous year’s fixed assets value restated.  [2]  The amount of general reserve be risk assessed and approved by the Council and built into the precept calculation.  The £1600 earmarked for election costs for 2017/18 to remain in reserves and £500 to be built into future annual precept calculations.  [3]  The Clerk to contact HMRC about the possibility of claiming VAT for 2014/15 and 2015/16 in view of the limited amount of records available following the demise of the former Clerk.  [4]  The annual return to be amended to show the following balances: Staff costs [salary plus home office allowance] = £3180 [not £3756] and the total of other payments = £6691.  [5]  Letters of receipt be requested for all large donations. [The Clerk confirmed that a letter from Neuadd Eleanor was on file awaiting a set of annual accounts].  [6]  Disaster recovery and business continuity risks and mitigating action such as regular offsite secure storage be considered during the annual review/risk assessment of financial controls and financial regulations.

[b]  The Accounting Statement 2016-17 & Annual Governance Statement be approved as presented.

 327.2  Payment of Accounts/Invoices  RESOLVED  – That payment be made as follows:

J D H Business Services Ltd  Internal Audit – £142.80

327.3  Plants for Cenotaph  RESOLVED –  That a budget be set at £130 and a sum of £100 be vired from the Repairs & Maintenance cost heading to Community Services & Maintenance.  This figure is to be used to meet the cost of a Christmas tree[s]  and other expenses.

327.4  Requests for Financial Aid  RESOLVED  – That decisions be deferred until the next meeting.

327.5  Insurance – Members scrutinised quotations received via Came & Company, Local Council Insurance Brokers, from three insurance companies  Inspire, Hiscox and Ecclesiastical.  A fourth quotation had also been received from Zurich.  RESOLVED  That Zurich’s quotation be accepted in the sum of 423.85.


328.1  Risk Assessment & Financial Controls, Standing Orders & Financial Regulations

RESOLVED  That the annual reviews take place at a future meeting of the Council.

328.2  Pay & Conditions of Service of the Clerk  RESOLVED  That an appraisal meeting be arranged between the Chair and Vice-Chair and the Clerk.

329  DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS  MONDAYS AT 7 PM  5 June, 3 July, 4 September, 2 October, 6 November, 4 December 2017, 8 January, 5 February and 5 March 2018, venues to be confirmed.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.45 pm.

John Pugh_______________________CHAIR  ________________________DATE