Council minutes 1st July 2015


Minutes of the meeting held at the Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D.C. on Wednesday 1st July 2015 at 7.00 P.M.

Present-Councillors Keith Moulsdale (Chair), Gwyneth Griffiths (V.Chair), John Pugh, Jayne Mayers, Medwen Roberts, Stephen Whipp, Wini Davies, Tim Faire and David Baker.
Residents David Greenhalgh, Ian Fleming and the Clerk


APOLOGIES-Cllr Dennis Edwards

Minutes of the meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor on 6th May 2015 which were previously circulated.

RESOLVED-The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

Members raised concerns regarding the implementation of the Access to Information on Community and Town Councils Legislation in particular the Community Council website and translation facilities.

RESOLVED-The members requested the Clerk to communicate with Mr Chris Birchall on the short comings of his work updating the website and the translator on whether she wishes to continue undertaking work for the Community Council.

Members having accepted the applications of Mrs Jayne Mayers and Mr Stephen Whipp at the May 2015 meeting both members were in attendance.
Both applicants subsequently signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
Copies of Standing Orders, Annual Risk Assessment, Internal Controls and Financial Regulations had already been forwarded to both members.

180.1 The Clerk had received confirmation from the Information Commissioners Office of the renewal for Data Protection Registration.

180.2 Two letters from Darren Millar AM on Maternity Services at Glan Clwyd Hospital and whether he could attend a meeting of the Community Council.
The Clerk advised members that Mr Millar has been unable to attend in the past because of summer recess in Cardiff Bay.

180.3 The Clerk had received an email from a local resident (Rose Alison) on whether the Community Council was being involved in Keep Wales Tidy.
180.4 Annual Report from the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.
The Clerk reported that he had attended a seminar arranged for Clerks by Denbighshire C.C. on the duties of the Ombudsman and Monitoring Officer of the County Council.

RESOLVED-Correspondence and comments of the Clerk be noted.
Minute 180.3 The Clerk to enquire of local resident what exactly is she requesting.

The Clerk reiterated to members the importance of this new Statutory Guidance which commenced in May 2015 also the financial implications in implementing this new guidance. Financial considerations for the financial year 2016/17 could be considered at the November meeting when the precept is discussed.

RESOLVED-This matter be discussed at the November meeting.

182.1 Denbighshire County Council arranging Planning and Wales Training Workshop.
Venue Trefnant Village Hall—28th July. Councillor Medwen Roberts and the Clerk indicated their attendance.

182.2 Application 20/2015/0495
Erection of replacement conservatory—Llais Afon—Graigfechan—Ruthin.
This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors Wini Davies and Medwen Roberts. The members fully supported the application.

RESOLVED-Confirm action taken by the Chairman and fellow Councillors.

182.3 Application 20/2015/0447—Erection of single storey extension—Penyberth—Pentre Celyn—Ruthin.
This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors David Baker and Tim Faire. The members fully supported the application.

RESOLVED-Confirm action taken by the Chairman and fellow Councillors.

182.4 Application 20/2015/0462–Erection of agricultural building—Coleg Cambria—Wrexham Road—Llysfasi-Ruthin
This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors Steve Whipp and John Pugh. The members fully supported the application.

RESOLVED-Confirm action taken by the Chairman and fellow Councillors.

182.5 Applications 20/2015/0440 and 20/2015/0443
Rebuild existing 11kv overhead line with associated wood poles—Land adjacent Pen Y Groesffordd—Graigadwywynt—Ruthin and Rebuild existing 11kv overhead line with associated wood poles—Land at Pente Celyn—Ruthin respectively.

RESOLVED-Fully supported by members. Councillor Mayers advised members that her husband was involved with Wales Air Ambulance and commented that the wires being replaced were now green. This making it very difficult for the helicopter to identify objects during night time flying.

182.6 Applications 20/2015/0598, 20/2015/0599, 20/2015/0600, 20/2015/0613 and 20/2015/0614.
Erection of agricultural livestock buildings (Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 ) and Construction of a new vehicular access (Phase 5).

RESOLVED-Fully supported by members.

182.7 Application 20/2015/0607—Erection of single storey rear extension and construction of lake—The Barn—Pentre Coch—Ruthin.
Members deliberated for some time regarding this application. In particular the creation of a lake.
Members considered that the existing application was detrimental to the local area because the ecological assessment does not take into account the impact of creating a lake on other water users in the vicinity.

RESOLVED-Members could not support the current application

182.8 With the permission of the Chairman Mr Ian Fleming addressed the meeting regarding the future development of land adjoining the A525 opposite the village hall.
Mr Fleming requested members for their views on Pedestrian Access to the site. He circulated a draft plan showing possible speed control measures and a possible controlled crossing. Drawing the discussion to a conclusion the Chairman invited members to sum up their responses/observations which were :-

(A) With no present alternatives, it would mean crossing the A525 twice.
(B) Members agreed that a pedestrian crossing would be good for the village. There would also require a need for additional flashing lights before the bend on the approach from the Wrexham side (Near War Memorial).
(C) The pedestrian crossing would be beneficial for residents on the new site for access to the Village Hall, The White Horse Inn and the Church.
(D) The proposed 40mph speed limit should be reduced to 30mph.

RESOLVED-Mr Fleming was thanked for his presentation and members now awaited his formal planning application for the development of the land in question.

The Clerk advised members of comments made by Councillor Steve Whipp regarding the up keep of bridle ways in particular the one from Llanfair D.C. School to Bryn-Fferm-Obwst. He advised them of the subsequent response he had received from Denbighshire County Council.

184.1 The Clerk submitted to members financial statements for the financial period 1st April 2015 to 30th June 2015 for the General and Business Accounts.
Since the last meeting he reported that the cheque payable to Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod for £100 had now been debited to the account. He had not received any communication stating that the missing cheque had now been found. The Clerk considered this very discourteous.

184.2 The Clerk confirmed now receiving insurance details from Came & Co for 2015/16.

184.3 The Clerk submitted an application for financial assistance from Ysgol Pentrecelyn towards transport costs for swimming lessons and the purchase of bark to surround the children’s climbing frame in the school field.
On a proposal from Councillor John Pugh and being Seconded by Councillor Tim Faire that a payment of £200 be made.

RESOLVED-The Clerk be thanked for the financial statements and his comments and that the aforementioned sum be payable to the school.

184.4 The Clerk stated that he had received an email from Ysgol Llanfair D.C. requesting financial assistance towards the cost of swimming lessons. He had requested further details in particular for financial costings.

184.5 The Denbighshire County Council had stated that payments towards payroll services for the financial years 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 had not included VAT.
The Clerk was awaiting clarification on this matter.

RESOLVED-The Clerk be thanked for his observations.

185. Date of the next meeting NEUADD ELEANOR ON WEDNESDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER 2015 AT 7.00PM

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed