Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at Ysgol Pentrecelyn on Monday 21 May 2018 at 7.30 pm.

PRESENT – Councillors Bob Barton, David Baker, Wini Davies, Moira Edwards [part of the meeting], Tim Faire, Jayne Mayers, John Pugh, Medwen Roberts [part of the meeting] and Paul Weston and Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE  –  5 members of the public

APOLOGIES  Councillor Keith Moulsdale [illness]



Councillor John Pugh acknowledged the good response being made by the community to local matters, the neighbourhood plan is well advanced with the support of Mr Steve Whipp and others in the community but the proposed connection to mains gas remains an outstanding issue to be resolved.  He thanked everyone for their help and support during his time as Chair and to the Clerk for her efforts.


[a]  Councillor Jayne Mayers was proposed and seconded to be elected as Chair.  This was agreed.

[b]  Councillors David Baker and Paul Weston were proposed and seconded to be elected as Vice-Chair.  Members were asked to vote via a paper ballot following which Councillor David Baker was duly elected as Vice-Chair.

Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms were signed.


Councillor John Pugh with regard to Neuadd Eleanor as trustee and as a Governor of Ysgol Llanfair.


439.1  Mains Gas  RESOLVED  that discussion on this item be moved to Part 2 due to the sensitive and confidential nature of negotiations.  

439.2  Defibrillators  A training event attended by 30 persons was held at Ysgol Pentrecelyn on 27 April 2018.  Four events have been organised to date and Councillor Jayne Mayers will organise another session with Achub Calon y Dyffryn in due course. 

439.3  Neighbourhood Plan and Community Survey  Reported that the community survey report should be available in six weeks.  A notice board has, in the meantime, been erected outside the village hall and the clock has been repaired. 

439.4  Broadband  Update  Councillor Bob Barton stated that he had been made aware of a sustainable development fund for projects he would be happy to proceed with an application for funding.    The Clerk was asked to contact Denbighshire County Council about grants and an update about improvements to broadband. 


[a]  The minutes of the AGM/Ordinary Meeting held on 17 May 2017 were re-affirmed

[b]  The minutes of the meeting held on 16 April  2018 were approved and signed as a correct record.


Ref/Date Action, By Whom and Status





Fundraising Group  [Councillors Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and Paul Weston].  Group meetings to be arranged when projects are identified.   Councillor Bob Barton is happy to assist with fundraising.   Calor Gas community fund details are as follows:



Engaging with Young People  The Clerk reported that letters were sent on 12/10/17 to Clwyd YFC, Llysfasi, Ysgol Brynhyfryd, and Ruthin School.  No response received.  It has been determined that Councillors are responsible for engaging with young people.








War Memorial – Plaque to commemorate those who died in a plane crash as requested by Mr John Harrop.  Quotations sought including cleaning and repainting existing inscription on the War Memorial.   The Clerk has researched the names of airmen to be placed on a separate stone placed near the War Memorial but they require verification by RAF Military Records before permissions and new quotations are sought.  Consideration being given to placing a memorial in the church grounds as an option.  The Clerk has made enquiries with the church authorities.  The Church Committee has given approval in principle but requires authorisation from the Archdeacon.
Addition of Name to War Memorial – Clerk – Further information to be obtained from a relative.  Work on a grant application towards the cost of final repairs is ongoing as time permits.


Caravan at Erw Fair    Monitoring to continue.


Traffic Calming Measures at Graigfechan

An order has been placed for advanced warning signs which should be on site by 15 June 2018.



White Bollards at Graigfechan

Clerk to enquire whether this is permissible. Response – a site inspection is to take place.




Eyarth Bridge  Signage issue being looked at by the County Council’s traffic section.  Another complaint has been referred to the Leader.


General Waste Bins  Advice on suitable locations awaited from the County Council, for example, next to the bus stop in Llanfair.


Drainage/Flooding Problems at Pentre Coch  Continue to monitor the situation


Extension of 30 mph Speed Restriction at Pentrecelyn  The matter has been referred to the Head of Highways



A525 Junction – Plas Bedw Lane  Highways requested to improve safety.  There should be a warning sign at the very least and ideally double white lines also.


Review of Community & Town Council Sector in Wales – One Voice Wales’ Response to the Independent Review Panel  This 50 page report is a compilation of the views of member councils of OVW across Wales, individually and collectively recorded.  Councils had been asked to consider four questions ie What should community and town councils be responsible for?  How should they operate?  What’s standing in their way to deliver for the local community? And How do councils ensure they best represent their local community?  The report reflects what has been achieved, the challenges facing the sector in moving forward and the opportunities and actions that can help to mould a positive direction for the sector.

There are five emerging themes [a] the role of community and town councils requires promoting [b] one size does not fit all [c] the democratic mandate needs strengthening [d] resources needed for increasing capacity and capability [adequate number of staff and funding] and [e] the continued development of partnerships with unitary authorities, public service boards, and community volunteers.  OVW supports the overall proposed direction of travel – “we want all our councils to be activist councils; engaged in delivering modern, accessible, high quality public services with their communities.  The sector, however, needs additional capacity and tools to deal with challenges ahead and that funding support was needed to enable local councils to deal with the possibilities of transfer of services and assets in the coming months and years”.

The content of the report was noted and the Clerk was asked to write a letter of thanks to OVW but to express disappointment that no summary was available.  Councillor Bob Barton enquired about the deadline for sending nominations for debate to the OVW Annual General Meeting to be held on 29 September.


RESOLVED  that the following documents/policies be approved:

[a]  Audit of Personal Data held by the Community Council

[b]  Privacy Notice

[c]  Information & Data Protection Policy

[d]  Document Retention & Disposals Policy


444.1  Application 14/2018/0360 Borrow pit for the extraction of aggregate solely for use in the construction of the approved Clocaenog Forest Wind Farm  RESOLVED that the application be supported.

444.2  Amended Application 20/2017/1156 Erection of a new calf rearing unit comprising two rearing sheds, offices, storage building and midden facility and associated works – Genus Green Park, Llanrhydd  RESOLVED that the application be supported.

444.3  Static Caravans in the Vale of Clwyd  The Community Council has been informed that a static caravan has appeared at Ty Coch, Graigfechan and has been requested to check whether planning permission has been sought.  Members were informed that planning permission had been given to a local family to build two houses on the site.   RESOLVED that the siting of the caravan be referred to Planning for clarification.


445.1  Parking at Bron y Clwyd, Llanfair D C  New signage has been produced  to show a dedicated parking area for tenants and residents.   This is not easily visible however and it was suggested that additional signage should be placed at the entrance to Bron y Clwyd.

445.2  Bus Services  Local residents are complaining about the inconsistent bus service to and from Graigfechan.  A request to get on or off has to be made at Ruthin resulting in some passengers being stranded.  The Clerk was asked to write to Denbighshire County Council for clarification on how the scheme operates.

  • Community Garden at Graigfechan The Community Council has been informed that there are proposals to develop a small area of land no longer required by a Council tenant at Maes Hyfryd Graigfechan into a community garden or orchard.  The County Council is taking steps to identify a group or individuals to take over responsibility for looking after the site.  Emily Reddy, Community Development Officer, Housing Section, will attend the Community Council meeting on 11 June to brief Members on developments.


446  RESOLVED that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items: 


447.1  End of Year Audit – Submitted 

[a]  Internal Auditor’s Report 2017-18  The following six items require amendment or explanation –

i]  The annual return should be amended to show Box 9 as £9858 [bank balance]

ii]  The bank reconciliation format should be improved

iii]  The Council should identify the empowering legislation used to make grant payments and those under section 137

iv]  The Council must ensure that there is adequate fidelity cover

v]  Staff costs on the annual return should be amended Box 4 staff costs £3730 and Box 6 total other payments £8623

vi]  If Councillors have political affiliations or are co-opted this should be shown on the website and the Council should publish online their Register of Members’ Interests

The Clerk confirmed that she had taken action to implement the recommendations as required and that the fidelity guarantee sum insured is £250,000.  Members approved the action taken.

[b]  Annual Return

RESOLVED that the [a] Accounting Statement 2017-18 & Annual Governance Statement be approved and amended as recommended by the internal auditor for signature by the Chair before submitting to the external auditor [b]  Council considers that section 137 expenditure is commensurate with the benefit to the community and [c] Council considers that it has no obligation or intention to pay a gratuity to employees [page 4 of Annual Return refers] .

[c]  Amendments to the Receipts & Payments Statement 2017-18

RESOLVED that the Receipts & Payments Statement 2017-18 be amended to show the bank reconciliation format recommended by the internal auditor and empowering legislation used to make grant payments including those under section 137.

447.2  Payment of Accounts/Invoices  RESOLVED that payments be made as follows:

£20.00  One Voice Wales [Councillor Bob Barton, Finance Training 19 April 2018]

£151.20 JDH Business Services Ltd [Internal Audit Fee]

£169.38 Sandra Williams [Translation Service]

£180.00 SLCC [Delegate Fees – Conference 16 May 2018 – Councillor Bob Barton & Clerk Eirwen Godden]

  • Requests for Financial Aid  RESOLVED  that the application from the Graigfechan & Pentrecelyn 2020 Urdd Eisteddfod Appeal Committee be deferred  [Mr John Kerfoot to be invited to a future meeting] and that the request from Bobath Wales [Cerebral Palsy] be turned down.

 447.4  Insurance Renewal  Zurich do not offer long term agreements [3 or 5 years] for premiums under £500.  RESOLVED that the Clerk makes enquiries to find out whether Zurich can reduce the quoted figure of £437.17.  The Clerk and Chair were given authority to act – renewal is due by 1 June.

 447.5  Risk Assessment – Submitted – Report updated April 2018 showing a high risk rating with regard to the churchyard wall.  Measures have been taken to remove dislodged stones to a place of safety whilst quotations are sought to carry out repairs.  The cost is likely to be high and a public notice may have to be issued for tenders in order to comply with Standing Orders.  An indicative figure is awaited.

 447.6  Arrangements for Annual Review of Financial Regulations, Risk Assessment & Internal Controls in particular with regard to the impact of the new General Data Protection Regulation  RESOLVED that the matter be deferred to a future meeting.

447.7  Pay & Conditions of Service of the Clerk – New Pay Scales for 2018-19 to be implemented from 1 April 2018    RESOLVED that the matter be deferred to a future meeting and that, in the meantime, the Chair and Vice-Chair conduct the annual appraisal.


Mr Darren Millar’s office has offered a choice of two dates for a meeting – 15 or 29 June.  Members indicated that they preferred a meeting late in the afternoon of 15 June.  Negotiations between Wales and West Utilities and interested parties are still ongoing.  Members were informed that the Leader had, in the meantime, received an email from Wales and West Utilities about their services in the community.  Business plans are being put together for the future now; they need feedback so that they can deliver services people need now and for generations to come.  They want customers’ views on getting the balance right between investing to maintain and improve services and preparing a gas network for the future while keeping bills low.


2018 – 11 June, 9 July, 10 Sept, 8 Oct, 12 Nov, 10 Dec

2019 – 14 January, 11 February, 11 March

It was suggested that an item covering feedback/reporting on conferences/meetings be added to the agenda – Members to forward short summaries to the Clerk.

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at

9.30  pm