Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at the Genus Centre, Llanrhydd  on  Monday 4 September 2017 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT  – Councillors John Pugh [Chair],  David Baker, Wini Davies, Jayne Mayers [Vice-Chair], Keith Moulsdale, Paul Weston and Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE –   Ten members of the public and Mr Simon Billington, Highway & Operations & Streetscene Manager [South] – DCC


APOLOGIES –  Councillors Bob Barton, Moira Edwards [on holiday], Tim Faire and   Medwen Roberts


Councillors John Pugh and Keith Moulsdale regarding matters connected with Neuadd Eleanor in their role as trustees and Councillor Paul Weston with regard to planning application 20/2017/0769 Cae Ffolt, Llanfair D C as the applicant is both a client and a friend.


351.1  Mains Gas  Submitted – Update report prepared by Councillor Moira Edwards.  A letter is being distributed, residents are being consulted individually, [door to door] on whether they are interested in a gas supply being installed into their homes.  At this stage, it is to “show an interest in principle, without commitment”.  The deadline for responses is 31 October 2017.  Sixty-two expressions of interest are needed before starting the process to obtain quotations from the utilities company.  It was also reported that the Clerk has, in the meantime, written to the housing providers to ascertain whether they would be prepared to invest in the installation of mains gas into their properties.  Responses are awaited.


[a] the letter being distributed to residents be posted on the Community Council website.

[b]  Miri Meithrin [Llysfasi] Bryn Mair Farm, Eyarth Station Guesthouse and neighbouring farms be invited to join the campaign.

 351.2  Defibrillators  Councillor Jayne Mayers reported that Ysgol Llanfair had ordered a defibrillator.  An approach has been made to Llysfasi College to relocate their defibrillator to a position outside so that it is accessible to the public.  She expressed the need to work on ways to raise money [auction of promises, collection boxes, or local lottery] to purchase defribillators for other areas within the community, Graigfechan and Pentrecelyn, in particular.  Signage is also important so that people know where a defibrillator can be found.  A query was raised as to whether there was a defibrillator installed at the Genus Centre.

 351.3  Community Plan  Mr Steve Whipp proposed that a Community Plan Sub-Committee be formed to develop the Community Plan tabled in draft form to the July 2017 Community Council meeting.  This is a working group not a sub-committee led by Mr Steve Whipp who has been able to call on other members of the public to assist.  Terms of reference have been drafted to develop the plan, promote the aspirations of all residents in the Community Council area, ensure effective liaison and endorsement by the Council and periodically publish the plan.  Reference was made to Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee’s recent successful application for grant aid from Cadwyn Clwyd to carry out a feasibility study.  The aim is to find out what residents want for the village hall and the rest of the community.  The Community Plan Group is meeting with Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee representatives on 13 September to discuss ways of working together on the study.  The meeting is however open to all.  It is hoped that as there will be an overlap the working group can feed findings to the Community Council which can then be fed to the professional team of the hall.

351.4  Broadband Service  No report was received from Councillor Bob Barton in time for the meeting.

 351.5.  Fundraising Opportunities – Permitted Lotteries [Gambling Act 2005]

Reported that Local Councils may hold lotteries so long as they have a lottery operating licence issued by the Gambling Commission.  The Commission must attach conditions to the licence [and may attach others] with regard to spending gross proceeds, division of prizes and expenses of the lottery, maximum amount of proceeds, prize limits and rollovers.  One Voice Wales has suggested a need to proceed with caution as there is no case where this is known to have been done in Wales.  The Clerk advised that if there are examples in England comparisons should be made on a like for like basis in terms of population, geography and economy with that of Llanfair D C’s  Community Council area.  Councillor Paul Weston will look further into the matter and investigate  the Councils which have done this and feed back.

 351.6  Noise Nuisance  A resident complained about loud music being heard on Sunday 27 August 2017 from 21.00 hours to 24.00 hours coming from the Three Pigeons Graigfechan.  The noise increased over the three hour period and was clearly audible at least a mile away from the site.  On Saturday 2 September 2017 the same occurred and again music was pounding into the night.

RESOLVED that the Clerk contacts the County Council to ask whether the events were licensed and whether a sound test could be carried out when future events take place.


RESOLVED  The Minutes of meetings held on 3 July and 7 August 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair.





Minute Ref

Action Taken By Whom Status


Eyarth Bridge.  An 18 tonne weight restriction is being processed, tender to erect signs throughout the County to be issued soon.  Tender documents for bridge work to be prepared over the winter months, work should start next summer. Clerk In Progress


Mains Gas Survey – Letter drafted and translated for distribution Cllr Moira Edwards Closing date for responses 31/10/17


Defibrillators – Llysfasi College contacted about placing equipment on outside of building Cllr Jayne Mayers In progress


Community Plan – Steve Whipp has formed a working group – Phil Webb, Phil Benett Lloyd and Richard Cotter Clerk to contact Steve Whipp Working group meeting arranged for 13 September


Traffic Calming Options Graigfechan – Update from Mark Musgrave Clerk Ongoing, recent traffic surveys show positive reduction, advance speed limit signs still awaiting Welsh Government approval


Proposed New Ysgol Llanfair

D C – Council response sent to Planning Dept

Clerk Ongoing, full application awaited


Contact DCC –

Re  Cleaning of pavements/edges following resurfacing work – cenotaph towards Pwllglas; the need for contractors to cut hedges close to telegraph poles; poor surface of road from Llanbedr to Graigfechan


Clerk All matters referred to Highways


Asset Register 2016/17 and Annual Return amended and sent to BDO, external auditors Clerk Completed



354.1  DCC – Email dated 23 August 2017 – N W Police/Police & Crime Commissioner – Your Community Your Choice Fund – closing date 30 September 2017

RESOLVED that the Clerk obtains further details to be sent to Councillors.

 354.2  DCC – Email dated 23 August 2017 – What’s new about the People and Places grant programme?



355.1  Application 20/2017/0613 – Erection of Extension to Dwelling at Drws y Nant, Pentrecelyn, Ruthin  Members confirmed that they fully support the application as it enhances the original dwelling and makes a good family home.

355.2  Application 20/2017/0148 – Removal of residential caravan and development of land by the erection of one dwelling with detached garage [outline application] at The Caravan The Watermill, Pwllglas  Members confirmed that they fully support the application.

355.3  Application 20/2017/0769 – Change of use of ancillary accommodation to holiday accommodation and erection of extension to rear at Cae Ffolt, Llanfair D C  Members confirmed that they fully support the application.

 355.4  Application 20/2016/1137 – Housing Development at Llanfair D C – Reported that planning permission has not, in fact, been granted as yet as the legal agreement has not been signed and is being considered by the County Council’s legal team.  It was agreed at the Planning Committee in June that  ‘phasing’ condition 3 would be reported back to the Committee and that Planning will consult locally.

355.5  Consultation on Local Development Plan Review Report & Draft Delivery Agreement for the Replacement LDP 21 August – 20 October 2017 [copies can be accessed via the Denbighshire website or Denbighshire libraries and one-stop shops]

The County Council is consulting on the Review Report which sets out how the current LDP [2006-2021] has performed and highlights any areas which indicate that a replacement LDP is required.  The Review highlights the need for an LDP to be prepared for the period 2021 onwards.  It was noted that information contained on the proposals listed for Llanfair is already out of date.


356.1  Guest Speaker – Mr Simon Billington, Highway & Operations & Streetscene Manager [South]

Mr Billington gave an overview of the Highways and Environmental Services department, the present team having been established for four years with responsibility for highway maintenance, grounds/grass cutting and street cleansing.  Gulley emptying, highway sweeping and rural verge cutting is mostly contracted out.  Each of the six areas in Denbighshire has a co-ordinator – Mr Glyn Hughes is responsible for maintenance in the Ruthin area.  Work and investigations are carried out according to a planned timetable.  Mr Billington responded to questions such as frequency of street cleansing, hedge cutting and footpath maintenance.   Concerns and complaints should be reported to the County Council’s call centre as soon as possible, when a reference number will be given and callers will receive a response within ten working days.  The County Council has no budget for new general waste bins but can service them free of charge.  The Community Council would have to pay in the region of £250 per bin for additional waste bins.  A request was made for a list of bins that are emptied in the Llanfair Community Council area.  The Chair thanked Mr Billington for his informative talk.

356.2  DCC Integrated Network Map Consultation

Reported that Sustrans has indicated that there is not enough space to improve the footpath on the A525 and that the lack of footpaths from Pwllglas/Efenechtyd to Eyarth Bridge is not good.

RESOLVED that the Community Plan Group be asked to look at and comment on the consultation document.

356.3  War Memorial

A report prepared by Mr Alan Edwards, Llanfair D C resident, had been forwarded to Councillors before the meeting.  Mr Edwards has provided assistance to the Clerk in gathering historical/background information to complete a detailed grant application to Cadw.  A number of complaints have, in the meantime, been received from residents about the present condition of the War Memorial asking that urgent repairs should carried out before the Remembrance Service is held in November.


[a] the Chair and Vice-Chair be given authority to commission the services of a builder to carry out temporary repairs [costs in the region of £400, 3 quotes needed] to refix the coping stones before the Remembrance Service is held in November 2017

[b]  a repair notice  be placed on the monument

[c]  to look into the possibility of adding a plaque to commemorate those who died in a plane crash during World War II

[d]  the Community Council continues to seek grants towards the cost of final repairs to the monument.

PART 2  RESOLVED that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items:


357.1  Payment of Accounts/Invoices

RESOLVED that payments be made as follows:

[a]  £72.50  One Voice Wales – Membership Fee [50% reduction]

[b]  £20.00  One Voice Wales – New Councillor Induction Training [50% reduction due to bursary]

[c]  £169.61  Denbighshire County Council – Election Costs

357.2  Fundraising

RESOLVED  that Councillors Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and Paul Weston form a working  group to look at fundraising opportunities.

357.3  Request for Financial Aid

357.3.1  Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee – The committee has received a grant from Cadwyn Clwyd to carry out a feasibility study but match funding is also required.  Many of the objectives are identical to those of the Community Council and as the Community Plan Group will be looking at the same issues the intention is for all to work together for the same end.  The aim is to seek residents’ aspirations and wishes for the future in terms of facilities, services and employment opportunities.


[a]  An award of £1,000 be made to the Neaudd Eleanor Management Committee towards match funding for the feasibility study project.

[b]  A sum of £1,000 be vired from the War Memorial Repairs budget to the Grants and Donations budget

 357.4  Annual Return

The Clerk reported that a letter dated 31 August 2017 had been received from BDO LLP confirming that the audit had been completed.  There were no matters which came to their attention which required the issuing of a separate additional issues arising report.  The information contained in the Annual Return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to their attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.  The annual return and notice of conclusion is to be displayed in a conspicuous place for 14 days as soon as reasonably possible and before the 30 September 2017.

RESOLVED – The Annual Return was approved and accepted by the Council as presented at the meeting held on 7 August 2017.

358  Councillors’ Email Addresses

A discussion took place as to whether

[a]  Councillors need separate email addresses for Community Council business, for example, gmail accounts

[b] accounts could be obtained

[c]  Councillors can use the Welsh Government hwb platform.

RESOLVED that the Clerk makes enquiries.

 359  Clerk’s Appraisal

Reported that the Chair and Vice-Chair had met with the Clerk on 7 July 2017 to review progress during the year, the difficulties encountered and discussed ways how these could be overcome.  Reference was made to the challenge of the Clerk’s increasing workload now that the Council meets on a monthly basis.  Establishing sub-committees would add to her workload.  Furthermore, the Wales Audit Office requires greater accountability expecting all Councils, whether large or small, to raise standards and to provide detailed evidence to back this up.

RESOLVED that the Clerk’s Salary Costs budget includes a contingency amount to cover payment for additional hours worked.  This is to be discussed at the October meeting when the draft precept for 2018/19 is due to be considered.


2 October [Ysgol Llanfair]

6 November [Genus Centre, Llanrhydd]

4 December [Ysgol Pentrecelyn]

8 January [Genus Centre, Llanrhydd]

5 February [Meeting Cancelled]

5 March [Ysgol Llanfair].

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at

9 pm.

John Pugh __________________CHAIR________________DATE