Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at Ysgol Pentrecelyn on

Monday 5 June 2017 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT  – Councillors John Pugh [Chair],  David Baker, Moira Edwards, Tim Faire, Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and  Medwen Roberts.  Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE – 8 members of the public.


APOLOGIES –  Councillors Bob Barton and Wini Davies


[a]  Councillors John Pugh and Keith Moulsdale regarding matters connected with the Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee in their role as trustees.

[b]  Councillor David Baker regarding the Ty Vestry proposal as he is a member of the Llanfair Church Council.

[c]  Councillor Moira Edwards regarding the proposed housing development in Llanfair as she resides in a property adjacent to the application for planning permission  by Pure.


331.1  Proposal for a Tea Room in Vestry House, Llanfair D C – Keith Wilson, landlord of the White Horse public house gave an overview of the proposal to open a community  tea room/small shop based on the Pwllglas and Sugar Plum [Rhewl] models following discussions with the Church Committee.  No alcohol or fried food would be served, the tea room opening from 10 am until 5 pm, four days a week.  Planning permission was being sought for change of use.  The building is accessible, there is a toilet for the disabled, a lift to the first floor and 45-55 customers can be accommodated.  The village hall management committee has no objection to the car park being used.  The general consensus at the meeting was that the proposal be fully supported.

331.2  New School Proposed for Llanfair D C    Reported – that an Education meeting had taken place about a new school for Llanfair.  Plans will be on display at the village hall on 26 June from 3-7 pm. – the consultation period will begin on 14 June.  The site earmarked is on Glebe land, a field opposite the Council Houses.  There is provision for a bus pull in area, car park, a drop off point, football play area and a community room.  The new school will cater for 126 pupils and 18 pre-school children.

331.3  Feasibility Study  The village hall management committee has completed an application to Cadwyn to cover the cost of a feasibility study into developing the hall as a hub for the whole area incorporating the draft community plan being developed.

331.4  Mains Gas  Reported – Gas quotation from Wales & West Utilities Ltd based on 222 properties [60% take up], the cost of the scheme would be £493,000, contribution per property approx £3,180.  This is dependent on the scheme attracting enough interest within the community.  There may be help, including loans, available to customers with the costs of a new gas supply and heating system.  The Community Council is currently liaising with householders and housing providers in the area to gauge interest.

331.5  Dog Fouling continues to be a problem in the village at Llanfair.


RESOLVED – The Minutes of the AGM/Ordinary meeting held on 17 May 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair.


311.1  Traffic on the A525 at Llanfair Village  Reported – that the road from the cenotaph towards Eyarth will be closed for maintenance/repairs/white line painting from 26 June 2017 until the end of the week.  Concern was expressed that two bikers had been knocked off their vehicles at the weekend.

320 Co-option  The Clerk reported that the vacancy had been advertised in accordance with legal requirements.  If no request is made for a bye-election by 9 June 2017, the Community Council can then advertise the vacancy for co-option instead of election, in which case interested persons can write to the Clerk expressing an interest. Members will have to consider and vote on each application.

Traffic Calming Options – Graigfechan Reported – Mr Marc Musgrave, Planning & Public Protection Services, has confirmed additional Vehicle Activated Signs [VASs] will be installed as planned on the approaches to Graigfechan village.

Clean Streets The Clerk confirmed that the matter had been reported to the County Council and that a response was awaited.

 Speeding/Caravan Causing an Obstruction The Clerk reported that the local CPSO had been informed and would be monitoring the situation.  It appears, however, the caravan is not causing an obstruction.  A Member expressed concern about the safety of children playing near the caravan.    

 Elizabeth Owen Almshouses – Grwp Cynefin has confirmed that the almshouses are in their ownership.  There are a number of properties empty at the present time but there are plans to update and refurbish.  Options are being looked at but before proceeding with any improvements, listed building approval is needed.  This could take six months.  Regret has been expressed about the delay experienced by an applicant for a tenancy but he has, in the meantime, been offered temporary accommodation elsewhere.  The situation regarding the elder trees will also be looked into by the housing association.  Arrangements can be made for Members to visit the properties before they are re-let.   

Defibrillators Reported – A couple of residents from Llanfair village have expressed a desire to fundraise towards the cost of supplying a defibrillator for the community.  The need for co-ordinating activities was discussed and it was suggested that Julie Starling, Cardiac Nurse, be invited to attend a Community Council meeting to demonstrate/give a talk on the use of defibrillators.

326.5  War Memorial  Mr Alan Edwards, a Llanfair resident, was thanked for forwarding the information on the Memorial Trees which will be posted on the Council’s website in due course.


334.1  Ruthin Hospital AGM at Awelon Ruthin on Friday 9 June at 7.30 pm.  Noted.

 334.2  DCC – Code of Conduct Training for Members and Clerks

The Clerk to make arrangements as follows:

20 June at 6 pm County Hall, Ruthin – Event for Clerks – Eirwen Godden

11 July at 2 pm County Hall, Ruthin – Councillors J Pugh, Moira Edwards and Jayne Mayers

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335.1  Planning Application 20/2016/1137  Proposed Development of 63 Houses at Llanfair D C  Reported – that DCC’s Planning Committee would be meeting on 14 June 2017 to consider the application.  Members of the public wishing to speak at the meeting could book three minutes by contacting Sarah Stubbs, Senior Planning Officer.  It was noted that the Education plan does not include a pathway.

A further response had been sent by the Community Council on 19 May 2017 about its concerns and those raised by residents.  Whilst the amended development drawing was more acceptable several matters required addressing before planning consent is given.  These are in brief – a pathway to join onto the existing village; security of the public path and open space could be compromised by the high fence;  houses on the north east could face towards the open space giving a much more  pleasant outlook; the need for stonework facing to houses along the frontage to the A525; confirmation that the regulations concerning large gas storage tanks are met; transplanting memorial trees into new positions; the design and access statement amended accordingly, including a construction method statement; completion of the A525 frontage finished first and no dwelling is occupied until the entrance, walkway and open spaces have been fully completed.


336.1  Maintenance of Grass Verges  The Clerk was asked to contact the County Council as verges on entrances in some areas are overgrown resulting in reduced visibility.  Attention in particular was drawn to the hedge at Salem Chapel Llanfair D C.

336.2  Stiles  The Clerk was asked to contact the Countryside Access Officer about missing or damaged stiles as follows:  Glanrafon, Graigfechan 144 543; Glanrafon, Garthgynan 143 544; Graig Isa, Bryn Coch Road 146 536; Garreg Lwyd, Tyddyn Coch and by the Three Pigeons Inn camping field 46 544.

 PART 2  RESOLVED  – That the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items:


337.1  Payment of Accounts/Invoices  RESOLVED – That payment be made as follows:

Refund to Councillor Keith Moulsdale to cover the cost of attending a Pre-Application Community Consultation event on 28 March 2017 at Llandudno – £48.83 [Conference Fee £16.43 and Travelling Expenses £32.40].

337.2  Finance & Accountability Event  Approval was given for the Clerk to attend a joint SLCC/One Voice Wales event on Finance and Accountability at Ewloe on 12 July 2017 at a cost of £69+VAT.  A bursary is available upon application from the SLCC towards 50% of the cost.


337.3  Requests for Financial Aid  Submitted – a schedule listing requests for financial aid from the Community  Council.  Members were reminded that the grants and donations budget for 2017-18 amounts to £1600.

RESOLVED – That grants be allocated as follows [£1350 in total]:

£150  Capel Ebenezer, Graigfechan [running costs]

£150  Capel Salem, Llanfair D C [running costs]

£150  Llanfair Church [grass cutting]

£100  Llanfair D C Sports Committee [equipment]

£100  Nightingale House Hospice [palliative care and support for families and carers]

£100  St Kentigern [hospice and palliative care centre services]

£200  Ysgol Llanfair [travelling costs]

£200  Ysgol Pentrecelyn [travelling costs]

£200  Royal British Legion [poppy appeal]

A decision with regard to funding for defibrillators at Ysgol Llanfair and Ysgol Pentrecelyn was deferred until later on in the year.  It was decided that applications for grant aid from the following organisations be refused:

British Red Cross, Denbighshire & Flintshire Agricultural Show Society, Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, Marie Curie, Neuadd Eleanor [cost of internet access],

 338  ANNUAL REVIEW OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONS, RISK ASSESSMENT & INTERNAL CONTROLS  Submitted – Copies of Financial Regulations, Risk Assessment and Internal Control documents.  The Clerk presented an amended Risk Assessment for 2017-18 for discussion and approval taking into account the following service area items, risks and mitigating actions required – Assets Register – Property & Personnel, Accounts, Bank Reconciliations, Internal Controls, Precept, Contracts, Disaster Recovery, Lack of Agency Advice, Business Continuity and Insurance.  Comments made by both the internal and external auditors had been taken into consideration.

RESOLVED – That the amended Risk Assessment for 2017-18 be approved as presented.

 339  DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS  3 July – Genus Centre, Llanrhydd, Ruthin;  

4 September, 2 October, 6 November, 4 December 2017, 8 January, 5 February and 5 March 2018 – to commence at 7 pm [venues to be confirmed]

 There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

John Pugh __________________CHAIR___________________DATE