Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at the Genus Centre, Llanrhydd, Ruthin on Monday 6 November 2017 at 7 pm.

 PRESENT –  Councillors Bob Barton [part of the meeting], Wini Davies, Moira Edwards, Tim Faire, Jayne Mayers [Vice-Chair], John Pugh [Chair], Medwen Roberts, Paul Weston and Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE –    Twelve members of the public, Councillor Hugh H Evans OBE, Leader of Denbighshire County Council and Mr Ben Wilcox-Jones, Senior Engineer – Road Safety & Sustainable Transportation, Denbighshire County Council [guest speaker].

APOLOGIES – Councillors David Baker and Keith Moulsdale [illness]



Councillor John Pugh with regard to Neuadd Eleanor and as a Governor of Ysgol Llanfair.


371.1  Mains Gas  Reported that the deadline for the survey was 31 October 2017.  The outcome is that 182 [including the 63 Pure properties] out of 212 properties are in the “expressions of support in principle category”.  Thirty declined.  A firm quotation will be provided by Wales & West Utilities should the acceptance level be achieved.  A desk top survey to generate individual quotes for each property is planned.  Once the acceptance rate has been reached it may take up to 27 weeks to complete the work.  There are a number of grant schemes that offer funding towards home energy improvements.  Councillor Moira Edwards was thanked for her hard work and contribution to the survey.

371.2  Defibrillators  Reported that a CPR training session has been arranged for Saturday 18 November at The Three Pigeons Inn Graigfechan commencing at 1 pm.  Various organisations in the community have pledged sums of money towards the fundraising effort to purchase equipment.  A discussion took place on the best location in the middle of the village at Graigfechan.

371.3  Community Plan  Reported that the Conwy and Denbighshire Public Services Board is asking for feedback on the latest draft local well-being plan a copy of which has been circulated to Councillors and the Community Plan Group.  The draft mirrors what has been produced at Llanfair to date but options such as a shop, other micro businesses, and existing venues need to be included in the plan.  The group is producing a questionnaire in preparation for the Cadwyn funded survey.      RESOLVED that [a] the documents be discussed at the Council meeting to be held on 4 December, [b] a copy of the Community Plan be forwarded to the County Council so that officers are aware of the options within the community which could align with DCC’s Corporate Plan, and [c] arrangements be made for the Community Plan Group to meet with DCC officers.

371.4  Broadband  Reported that County Councillor Martyn Holland has, with the assistance of Darren Millar AM, arranged a public meeting with the Minister to be held at Llanarmon yn Ial on 7 December 2017, venue and time to be confirmed.  An invitation is being extended for two representatives from Llanfair D C Community Council to attend.  RESOLVED that Councillors Bob Barton together with Jayne Mayers or Paul Weston attend the meeting on behalf of the Council on 7 December.

371.5  Youth Representatives  Reported that the Clerk had written to Ysgol Brynhyfryd, Ruthin School, Llysfasi College and Clwyd YFC extending an open invitation for young people to attend Community Council meetings and to get involved in local community activities.

RESOLVED that steps be taken to involve young people in the community planning process and the Cadwyn funded survey.

371.6  Plans for the Old School Building after the School is Relocated

Reported that the Clerk had written to Denbighshire County Council and the Church in Wales.  Confirmation has been received that the St Asaph Diocesan Board of Finance holds the school building in trust.  Also letter received from Karen Evans, DCC Education, stating that the development of the Glebe land site as a school could release the current school site as a housing site helping to meet the demand for housing.  Engagement with the community on possible options for the current site will be undertaken as outlined within the County Council’s Asset Manaqement Strategy.


RESOLVED  The minutes of the meeting held on 2 October 2017 were approved and signed as a correct record.


Date/Ref Action, By Whom and Status




Eyarth Bridge


Weight restriction sign is in the wrong position, needs to be further away from the bridge for drivers to see in time.  Highways informed.  Work commenced on pointing will continue next summer.  Improvements to highway drainage between the trunk road and bridge are ongoing but will require a weekend road closure.  Large vehicles are still travelling through the village.  Write again to DCC.



Traffic Calming Options Graigfechan

Clerk & Marc Musgrave

Advance speed limit signs still awaiting Welsh Government approval.  Road markings in Graigfechan are poor and need to be made clearer.  Reply awaited.  There is an issue about a parked car opposite The Smithy, Police to be notified and a request made for a traffic monitoring early mornings before 9 am.



Proposed New Ysgol Llanfair D C


Full application to hand.  Response to be sent by 08/11/17



Mains Gas

Invitation to Miri Meithrin, Eyarth Station guesthouse & neighbouring farms to join campaign

Cllr Moira Edwards

In abeyance depending on gas route chosen

351.5 Fundraising – Permitted Lotteries

Cllr Paul Weston

Difficult to find a good example.  Consider registration with DC

351.6 Noise Nuisance


Reported to DCC.  Monitoring taking place but no further incidents

356.1 Overview of Highways & Environmental Services


A list of bins located in the Community Council area requested, awaiting response. Two reminders sent, third to be sent

356.3 &





War Memorial

Chair/V Chair

Authority given to commission services of a builder to carry out emergency repairs to refix coping stones. Work completed.

Plaque to commemorate those who died in a plane crash as requested by Mr John Harrop


Quotations being sought including cleaning and repainting  existing inscription on the War Memorial

Addition of Name to War Memorial


Further information to be obtained from a relative

Grant towards cost of final repairs






Councillors’ Email Addresses and Use of the Welsh Government Hwb Platform


Reply received from Amy Selby, DCC re accounts.  Option is probably unsuitable.  Query to be referred to Liz Grieve at DCC



374.1  Invitation to DCC Carol Service, St Thomas Church Rhyl, Monday 4  December 2017  – Email dated 3 October 2017 from Sue License, DCC.  Noted.


374.2  Review of Community & Town Council Sector – Email dated 3 October 2017 from Welsh Government Independent Review Panel

The Panel wants to hear views on

What should Community and Town Councils be responsible for?

How should they operate?

What’s standing in their way to deliver for the local community?

How do Councils ensure they best represent their local community?

The review is expected to take around a year.

One Voice Wales has organised a consultation event on Wednesday 29 November 2017 at Chirk Town Council from 2-4 pm.

RESOLVED that [a] the Clerk circulates an email to Councillors to ascertain who would like to attend and [b] discussion on the matter be deferred until the meeting on 4 December.

374.3  2018 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in Wales – Revised Proposals – Letter dated 16 October 2017   Closing date for comments – 11 December 2017

RESOLVED that discussion on the matter be deferred until the meeting on 4 December.

374.4  Review of the Electoral Arrangements for the County of Denbighshire

Two letters dated 25 October 2017  Closing date for comments – 23 January 2018.

Councillor Moira Edwards attended a briefing meeting on 17 October.  This Review, which is not about Parliamentary Constituencies, will commence in January 2018 and will end in Spring 2021.  The Review will propose the pattern of electoral wards for the entire Council area and not just where there are levels of electoral inequality.  Denbighshire is a Category 4 area.  The Commission has determined that Category 4 Councils should have a councillor to population ratio of 1:2,000.  Currently Denbighshire has 76,292 electors and a membership of 47, an average of 1 councillor to 1623 electors.  The Review will look at changes to Denbigh Upper/Henllan; Llanbedr DC/Llangynhafal and Llandrillo.

RESOLVED that further discussion on the matter be deferred until the meeting on 4 December.

374.5  School Governor Vacancy – Ysgol Pentrecelyn – Email dated 2 November 2017  from Sarah Wynne, Chair of Governors.  RESOLVED that Councillor Medwen Roberts be put forward as the Community Council’s nominee for consideration.


375.1  Application 20/2017/0819  Development of 1.24 ha of land by the erection of a new primary school including external play6 areas, habitat area, formation of new vehicular access, car parking with drop off area, landscaping, bin store, LPG and sprinkler tanks – Glebe Land Opposite Bron y Clwyd, Llanfair DC

Reported that the Chairman had asked the Leader, Councillor Hugh Evans, for a meeting with Education and Housing representatives to discuss the mains gas proposal, whether there will be a separate application for a footpath to link the proposed housing development with Bron y Clwyd, concerns about traffic calming measures in the village and whether they are adequate.  The meeting took place on 19 October 2017, the Community Council being represented by Councillors John Pugh, Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and Moira Edwards, together with the Clerk in attendance.

The Leader also expressed an interest at the Community Council meeting in finding out more about the use of Optimism Bias [part of HM Treasury’s ‘Green Book’ rules for public procurement] that might be applied to projects such as the new school in assessing, for example, renewable energy solutions.  It was also reported that solar panels will now be installed.

RESOLVED agreed that the application be supported in principle.   Although there is reference to a footpath to link the proposed housing development through Bron y Clwyd to the new school it is not expressly shown within the documents presented.  Assurances are also being sought about managing traffic, including calming measures, and whether they are adequate both through the village and to and from the new school.  The development will have an impact on residents whether they live near the boundary of the new school or the footpath link and it is hoped that there will be further discussions with those affected in a positive and sensitive manner.  Members expressed a preference for mains gas rather than LPG and asked to see any conditions attached.

375.2  Application 20/2017/0771  Change of use of first floor store above existing garage to annex accommodation – The Barn, Pentre Coch, Ruthin  RESOLVED that the Council has no objection to the application and it is noted that there is no visual alteration.

 375.3  Application 20/2017/0955  Erection of replacement and new dormers to dwelling – Bryn Creigiog, Graigfechan, Ruthin  RESOLVED that the Council fully supports the application, it is more a modern repair than an alteration.

375.4  Application 20/2016/1137  Development of Land  for Housing Llanfair D C  Reported that Planning is committed to undertaking a public consultation once the details showing phases for the development are submitted and will be reported to the Planning Committee.  Since Section 106 documents have been signed, a response is awaited from the Planners.

375.5  Update on Consultation on LDP Review Report & Draft Delivery Agreement for the Replacement  LDP – Closing date  for comments – 20 October 2017.  The document represents a broad brush approach with no fine detail.  The Review concedes that the housing build target has not met the projected figures by a long way.  Llanfair D C has three designated sites – [a]  Vicarage field [now to be a school [b] Bryn Clwyd and [c] rear of crossroads at Bron y Clwyd [now joined up for proposed development for 63 houses].  Questions have been raised about the status of the existing school site in relation to the LDP.  The LDP Review is in very initial stages and a review of existing land allocations has not yet taken place.  There will be consultation on any proposed land allocations for the replacement plan in due course.

375.6  Caravan at Erw Fair   Reported that DCC’s Planning and Compliance Officer had written to the owner to reiterate the need to comply with the notice to remove the caravan from Erw Fair.  Although the caravan was moved to a site closer to the dwelling house, it would appear that it is still on agricultural land.  The owner has been given 21 calendar days [from 10 October 2017] to move the caravan to a site within the cartilage of the dwelling house.  RESOLVED that the Compliance Officer be requested to keep the Community Council informed on developments.


Guest Speaker – Mr Ben Wilcox-Jones, Senior Engineer – Road Safety & Sustainable Transportation, DCC  Mr Wilcox-Jones gave an overview of his responsibilities which was followed by a question and answer session.  He explained that data for speed limits/traffic monitoring is collected in accordance with nationally recognised methods of recording.   Records show reductions on high speeds in the area but he acknowledged that speeding still requires addressing.  A copy was requested.  There is no recorded accident injury or collision data available.  Police approval is required for a compulsory 20 mph limit, a voluntary 20 mph limit is in place by Llanfair School.

Questions were also raised about fixed speed cameras, traffic lights, traffic calming measures at Graigfechan,  priority signs, advance warning signs, speed boxes, parking outside and drop off points for the new school at Llanfair, lack of pedestrian facilities.  External funding is required to implement some if not all measures.  A suggestion was put forward for neighbouring Community Councils to look for joint funding from say, windfarm sources, for prioritised schemes in future.

Mr Wilcox-Jones stated that he would take comments made back to the County Council.  The Chair thanked him for attending and for his contribution at the meeting.

PART 2  RESOLVED that the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the following items: 


377.1  Request for Financial Aid – Marie Curie Nurses

RESOLVED that decision be deferred until the March meeting.

377.2  Payment of Accounts/Invoices  RESOLVED that payments be made as follows:

[a]  £40.00  One Voice Wales – Clerk’s Attendance on Finance Training 26/09/17

[b]  £155.70 – Sandra Williams Translation Service – Minutes 03/07/17 & 07/08/17

[c]  £380.00 – D P Williams, Building Services – Emergency Repairs to War Memorial

377.3  Precept for 2018/19

Submitted Draft 2 for consideration.  It was recommended that the following cost headings be increased to meet increasing costs and new project demands on the budget – clerk’s salary, job adverts, repairs and maintenance, members’ training/conferences/travelling expenses, external audit fee, community plan activities, war memorial repairs, and street furniture [general waste bins and defibrillator costs].

RESOLVED that [a]  Draft 2 be approved as submitted and that a precept budget of £25,403 is to be applied for and [b] the Clerk arranges for the Community Council to be registered for small lotteries activities with the County Council at a cost of £40.


Reported that the wreath had been delivered but no Police would be available due to other demands on the service on the day.

379  DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS  [All meetings to commence at 7 pm]

4 December 2017 [Ysgol Pentrecelyn]

8 January [Genus Centre, Llanrhydd LL15 2UP]

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

John Pugh _______________________CHAIR___________________DATE


DCC – Denbighshire County Council         PSB – Public Service Board