Draft Community Plan for future



Note – This document is work in progress and subject to change – please contact the Clerk regarding any queries/suggestions


Key – Cost L<£500, M<£2000, H>£2000

Priority – L [Low], M [Medium], H [High]

Proposals Cost




1 Complete clear-up/renovation of area around the cenotaph and the grassed area behind it. L H Top priority, needs doing
2 Provision of electrical and water point to the War Memorial L H Top priority, needs doing
3 A communal garden maybe near the Church where people can walk, sit and meet. Peace garden with benches for quiet contemplation.   Maybe to include a quiet area with seating. M L Need to consult with Church. Area is already well suited. For Graigfechan and Pentrecelyn also consider need.
4 Children’s Play Area(s)/Playground[s]/Protected Play Areas in Villages M M There was a proposal to provide a fence at Bron Clwyd. Also Pentrecelyn school field could be upgraded. This may be suitable for immediate request for funds.
5 Public seating / benches. L M Consider provision and sitings
6 Allotments – provided there is demand and commitment from sufficient people. M L Need to test whether there would be demand
7 Upgrading of Village Hall to modern standards for community use to include double glazing, upgrading of heating and new kitchen.    Amenities to be defined by users. H H Top priority
8 Complete car parking and provide access to internet to the Village Hall. H   Top priority – could be suitable for immediate request for funds
9 Signage for all villages that convey a sense of pride in the area. H M Should request provision by Denbighshire CC
10 Regular cleaning of roads / removal of weeds to provide a sense of pride in the area H H Write to DCC and ask for this to be done routinely.
11 Safe pathway from Llanfair to Pwllglas. H M Write to DCC requesting assistance with feasibility and preliminary design and estimates for these works.
12 Safe pathway on A494 from Llanfair to Ruthin. H M
13 Continue pavement from Llanfair DC through to Llysfasi. H M
14 Cycle lane to enable access between villages and to Ruthin without vehicular conflicts. H M
15 An exercise trail – where there is an inspiring route to run or walk and exercise equipment along the way. M L Not considered necessary as plenty of scope for exercise in the area.
16 A walkway that gave particular access to people with disability; wheelchair friendly but also with a good surface and very gentle gradients. M L Could be considered if there is demand.
17 Walk / footpath up the Nant Y Garth Pass providing access and amenity to this special area. H M Consult with Llysfasi college to determine whether they can help make existing path more accessible.
18 Community circular walks providing access to places of interest around the area. M M Work with DCC Footpaths staff to develop and ensure good signage is provided.
19 Mountain biking trail from Clwydian Hills along ridge and with access to villages (Along Offa’s Dyke). M L Not considered appropriate. Offa’s Dyke should be preserved as a footpath only.
20 Birdwatching hides M M Consider provision and sitings
21 Upgrade existing bus stop on Wrexham Road by school M M Request whether this can be done by DCC
22 Provide and maintain notice boards to all the villages L H Essential and Community Council should do this. Graigfechan board has lost doors.
23 Provide circular bridleways to ensure horse riders do not have to go on roads M H Request DCC footpaths officers to review
24 Provision of a café for the area H M Consider as addition to public houses.
25 Provision of a commmunity shop M M Consult with Pwllglas and Llandegla on feasibility