Mains Gas Letter August 2017


Chairman:  Councillor John Pugh                                           Clerk:  Eirwen Godden

To Residents in the Llanfair D C Community Council area     August 2017

Proposed Gas Supply to Llanfair D C

The proposal to build 63 new houses and a new school at Llanfair D C has generated a great deal of interest and discussion during recent months within the locality. As a result, the Community Council has been approached by a number of residents about the possibility of mains gas being installed.

At this stage, we want to engage with all residents and are simply looking for an indication of the level of interest.  We would be grateful, whether tenants or homeowners, if you could please indicate whether you would be interested “in principle and without commitment” to receive a quote from Wales & West Utilities to connect you to mains gas.  It would be appreciated if you could respond with a Yes or No.

The Community Council is also prepared to engage in discussions with Grwp Cynefin, Denbighshire County Council as the local social landlords, and Pure  Residential & Commercial Ltd, the property developer, to find out whether they are willing to invest in the installation of mains gas into their properties.

Naturally, installation costs will be dependent on how many households take part and we need to reach a minimum of 62 properties to express an interest before the Utility company will give a quote.   The more households that request a quote the cheaper the installation will be per household.  There are a number of different schemes at present that offer funding towards home energy improvements in Wales to help customers with costs of a new gas supply and heating system such as NEST and IES.  We will be coming around the village very soon to see if you are interested and explain what it’s all about.  There are loans and grants available, so we’ll explain this to you.  Remember, you are not making a commitment at this point, only an expression of interest to receive a quote from Wales and West Utilities.

If you say you are interested, we need to get your details and a signature, but this will only be passed on to Wales and West Utilities company to give us a quote for the number of houses in Llanfair D C.  We will keep your details confidential.



I am interested in the Gas Supply proposal.         Yes [   ]        No [   ]

 Name:  ____________________________________________________________


 Tel. no :____________________________________________________________


 Signature: _________________________________________________________

For further information or reply to: Councillor Moira Edwards, Barnfold, Llanfair DC, Ruthin LL15 2RU  /  Tel 01824 705427 / or email:

By post, email or personally deliver – by 31 October 2017