Meeting Minutes January 4th 2017


Minutes of a Community Council Meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D C on Wednesday 4 January 2017 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT – Councillors John Pugh [Chair], Steve Whipp [Vice-Chair], David Baker, Wini Davies, Dennis Edwards, Tim Faire, Keith Moulsdale and  Medwen Roberts.  Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE –  12 Residents, Councillor Hugh H Evans OBE, Leader of Denbighshire County Council, together with Marc Musgrave, Planning and Public Protection Services.

Part 1


Councillors Jayne Mayers and Rosanne Jarvis.


Councillors John Pugh and Keith Moulsdale [with reference to financial requests from the Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee – both Councillors are trustees].


Minutes of Community Council Meetings held at Neuadd Eleanor on 2 November and 14 December 2016.

RESOLVED – The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.


236.4.2 Ysgol Pentrecelyn – Letter of thanks for the £100 grant awarded to pay for transport for pupils within the locality.

243.2  Caravan at Erw Fair, Llanfair D C

Reported – that the landowner had been served with an enforcement warning notice to either remove the caravan or regularise in the form of planning permission.  There has been no application and the Planning Authority would now go through the process of enforcement.  This may take a while to be implemented.


Received from Denbighshire County Council –

[a]  Guidance on Declaration of Interests ‘Script’ for use by all Town and Community Councils, to be read out at the beginning of each Council meeting, if wished.

[b]  Chairman’s Charity Concert 26 February 2017 at St Mary’s Church, Rhuddlan – 7 pm.  Tickets cost £10 each.

[c]  Town & Community Council Elections May 2017 – The notice of election will be published on 15 March 2017, candidates have until 4 pm on 4 April 2017 to submit nomination papers.  Confirmation of the number of Welsh and English nomination packs for distribution to existing Councillors are required.  Nomination packs and the relevant electoral registers will be distributed in the week commencing 6 March 2017.

[d]  County Conversation – What should our Aspirations be?  Everyone in the County is being encouraged to complete a short survey on six shortlisted aspirations to enable the Council to focus its next Corporate Plan on the right areas.  It will be the responsibility of the new Council elected in May 2017 to finally agree the aspirations and actions to deliver them.  RESOLVED – that the principles be supported and  aligned to the Community Council’s draft community plan put together in September 2016.

[e]  Street Trading Policy – Members of City, Town and Community Councils are being asked to comment and propose any amendments, for instance:

“Are there any locations within your City/Town/Village that you feel should not be used for Street Trading, or

Are there any locations that you feel would be appropriate for use exclusively as locations for community events?”.  The contents were noted.


280.1  Application 20/2016/1137 – Proposed Development of 63 Houses on Land Off Wrexham Road, Llanfair D C by Pure Residential & Commercial Limited.  A copy of a draft response had been forwarded to Councillors before the meeting.  Councillor John Pugh, Chair, gave an update informing the meeting that positive discussions had taken place with Sarah Stubbs, Senior Planning Officer.   Information had been received on housing needs in Llanfair D C, environmental concerns will be put to the Council’s Environment Officer but an archaeological survey will not be carried out as it appears that there is no longer evidence to confirm the presence of Roman remains in the immediate area.  The Community Council’s response highlighted concerns regarding [a]  size of development [b]  access/links – the need for pedestrian access in particular [c]  quality of design [d]  gas services – mains preferred [e]  drainage including water and flood risk [f]  affordable housing  [g]  natural environment and local wildlife and [h] location of open space.  A copy of the final response will be placed on the Community Council website and notice board in Llanfair.  The deadline for receipt of responses is 11 January 2017.

A resident commented that there are two different plans for hedging leading to confusion, referred to a traffic report and queried who pays for moving the 30 mph sign, and reported that the Imperial War Museum will list the trees along the roadside.

280.2  Application 20/2016/1242 – Development of 0.34ha of Land by the Erection of 9 Dwellings and Construction of New Vehicular and Pedestrian Access [Outline Application] – Land Adjacent to Paradwys, Graigfechan, Ruthin.

NOTE FOR THE MINUTES – Councillors were consulted again following the meeting and the general consensus was that the Community Council supports the application and that a response be sent to DCC Planners to register these points:

“1  No mention is made of providing affordable housing as part of the scheme, but the planning statement mentions 2 to 4 bed units.  As this is an outline application there is no detail on the units proposed.  It is suggested that as there are 9 units proposed one affordable house can be expected.  The Planning Authority may wish to consider asking for nine-tenths of the cost of an affordable house as a commutable sum.

The Community Council would welcome clarification of the developer’s intent once a detailed application is submitted and whether the rest of the site has ‘deemed planning approval’.  If so will affordable housing come into the equation for the whole site?  The Community Council is also seeking an assurance that the sewerage unit has enough capacity.

2  It is known that a spring/well exists on the proposed site and that this is a source of water to properties in the vicinity. The Community Council would welcome detail about how the water supply will be protected during construction and afterwards as part of the detailed application.  It is possible that this well is used by the properties below the site and should be investigated by the Planning Authority before any decision is given on this site.

3  The arrangements for drainage of the site should follow Denbighshire and national guidelines and details for treatment of sewerage and surface water should be set out in the detailed application.

4  Increase in through traffic will cause further concern but it is noted that the Local Authority is currently consulting on traffic calming measures for Graigfechan.  Some local residents have raised queries about the access point to the site being halfway up the hill.  It seems that planning has been refused in the past due to safety reasons.”


281.1  Proposed Traffic Calming Scheme – Graigfechan – Presentation by Marc Musgrave, Planning & Public Protection Services, DCC

The County Council had produced a Graigfechan Traffic Calming Options Report [dated July 2016] with the aim of implementing a system to reduce speeding in the area.  Options being considered include road humps; narrowing – priority system; enhanced road marking; VAS – vehicle activated signs; speed cushions and lighting.  The report recommends that speed cushions [with a significant lighting upgrade] would be the most successful form of traffic calming given vehicle usage and character of the road.  Local residents are presently being consulted and the Community Council will be kept informed of developments during the process. Mr Musgrave undertook to report his final recommendations to the March Community Council meeting.

A general discussion ensued, queries and suggestions were addressed by Marc Musgrave on Go Safe vehicles, fixed cameras, double yellow lines, pre-warning signs, accident data and so on. Mr Musgrave was thanked for his address.  It was concluded that the Community Council will await the analysis of the study with interest and that a copy of the options report be placed on the website.  A verbal report was also received on Llanfair and Graigfechan Community Speed Watch Group’s activities to date [Appendix 1].

281.2  Dog Control Measures in Public Places

The County Council wants to hear views on a proposed order controlling dogs in public spaces in the County.  The Public Spaces Protection Order [PSPO] is being proposed in direct response to complaints and feedback received by the public relating to dog fouling and associated issues.  The adoption of this Order would not allow dogs in enclosed children’s play areas, specific beaches, sports pitches, cemeteries, education property, leisure centres, bowling greens and fenced multi-activity areas.

RESOLVED – that the Community Council supports the principles contained in the order.

281.3  Plastic on Overhead Branches on the A525 Approach from Ruthin to Llanfair DC

The Clerk reported that she had received an email from a local resident drawing attention to potential hazard of plastic blown by wind onto car windscreens.  The matter had been reported to Denbighshire County Council’s Highways Department.

281.4  Funding Opportunities – Community Projects/Priorities

Reported – that the deadline for receipt of applications to Welsh Government for funding from the Rural Community Development Fund [Environment & Countryside] is 31 January.  Key areas for support include – community/village development plans; investments in small scale infrastructure; investment in ICT including broad band and digital inclusion; improving access to services; investment in recreational, tourist infrastructure and activities to improve health and quality of life.  It was reported that Cadwyn Clwyd can provide assistance with completing application forms.

The Community Council has already prepared a priority list/draft community plan at its meeting held on 7 September 2016.  It was agreed that a copy be placed on the Community Council website, notice board and a copy forwarded to Councillor Hugh Evans.  It was suggested that the community plan is linked with the new Denbighshire Corporate Plan and that the Community Council responds accordingly to Denbighshire County Council’s consultation on ‘What Should Our Aspirations Be?’ [Minute Reference 279[d]].  Reference was also made to the Well-Being of Future Generations [Wales] Act 2015, which is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. The projects identified within the community plan may be eligible for drawing down funds from wind farm proceeds which are expected in the near future.

281.5  Cenotaph Llanfair D C – Remedial Work

Councillor John Pugh, Chair, reported that quotations have been sought for repairs, the cost of which are very high, the lowest being in the region of £25,000.  Options incude railings or bollards and chains.  Arrangements will be made for a sketch plan to be placed on the noticeboard in Neuadd Eleanor in due course.  Grants will be sought to pay for the work.

281.6  Bus Shelter – Llanfair D C

A resident drew attention to the condition and cleanliness of the bus shelter.  It was confirmed that the matter would be looked into and addressed.

Part 2 – Confidential Items – Exclusion of Press and Public


282.1  Engagement of Internal Auditor

The Clerk reported that she had sought quotations from Mr Gwyn Davies, JDH Business Services Ltd and S P Kell, Chartered Accountants, for the provision of an internal auditor service to cover the financial year 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.  There was no response from Mr Gwyn Davies and Mr S P Kell replied saying that he was not qualified to carry out such audits.

JDH Business Services Ltd can carry out the work required for a fee of £119.00 + VAT.  The company provides internal audit services for Local Councils and has a client scope extending over a number of Counties in North Wales.  In addition, company services are available by email and telephone during the year if the Council wishes to discuss any issues that may arise during the audit year.  There is no additional fee charge for this service but queries should be sent by email in the first instance.

RESOLVED – that JDH Business Services be engaged for a fee of £119.00 + VAT.

282.2  Summary of Income & Expenditure for the period 1 April to 31 December 2016

The Clerk submitted a financial statement for the General and Business Accounts covering this period.  Members were advised that the  balance at the bank as at 31 December is £3645.81 in the current account and £1022.40 in the business account making a total of £4668.21 of available funds.

RESOLVED  –  that  [a]  the financial statement be received and

[b]  the last column on the statement includes estimated year end out turn figures where appropriate.

282.3  Supplementary Financial Statement Showing Actual & Estimated Commitments up to the End of the Financial Year 2016/17 including the Clerk’s Expenses Claim as at 4 January 2017

The Clerk submitted a supplementary financial statement to show that an estimated £4636.56 would be needed to meet existing commitments up to the end of the financial year.  The figures include provision for the Clerk’s expenses claim in the sum of £236.43.  This would leave a balance of £31.65 together with £1600.00 earmarked for Council elections to be held in May 2017.

282.4  Payment of Accounts/Invoices:

RESOLVED – that payments be made as follows:

282.4.1  Clerk’s Expenses Claim – £236.43

282.4.2  Replacement Computer Printer – £54.00

282.4.3  Christmas Tree – £56 from Price, Llandegla and £10 contribution towards electricity costs

282.4.4  Sandra Williams  – Translation Service – Minutes of meetings held on 7 September and 25 October 2016 – £268.91

282.4.5  AVOW – Clerk’s November and December 2016 salaries, £257.86 and  £872.25 respectively [the December salary included back pay authorised on 2 November – Minute Reference 269.2]

282.4.6  SLCC – Annual Membership Renewal – 2017 Fee – £78.00

282.5  Requests for Financial Aid

The following applications had been received:

282.5.1  Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Sports Committee – towards the purchase of new bilingual publicity materials [banners] and new sports and cooking equipment – estimated cost £400

282.5.2  Denbighshire & Flintshire Agricultural Show Society – towards the cost of staging the 2017 show

282.5.3  Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee – towards the cost of internet access in the village hall.  The installation fee is £149.99 and the monthly service charge is £34.99 making the first year’s running costs as £569.87.

RESOLVED – that a decision on all requests listed above be deferred.


Submitted – Template to record findings.  Councillor John Pugh, Chair, and Councillor Steve Whipp, Vice-Chair, agreed to take action as appropriate to complete the risk management report identifying hazards, risk ratings and actions required.  Councillor Keith Moulsdale agreed to inspect the three community notice boards, repair as necessary and divide the space available for notices between the Community Council and the community. 


RESOLVED – that steps will be taken to ensure a smooth handover and continuity for Community Council business in the absence of a Clerk in post.  The Clerk stated that she would prepare a file containing essential information to be left in the Community Council cupboard located at Neuadd Eleanor.



Appendix 1

Llanfair and Graigfechan Community Speed Watch                                      January 2017

Report on activities during December 2016 to the Llanfair DC Community Council.

Residents have been trained to carry out road surveys by North Wales Police and further surveys were carried out during the month. These concentrated on Graigfechan and monitoring points were by the Three Pigeons Public House and further out of the village towards Ruthin but still inside the 30-mph area.

Since commencing surveys in October 2016 166 vehicles were recorded with speeds in excess of the 34-mph tolerance value set by North Wales Police.  Eighty-two vehicles were recorded at 40-mph or more. Twelve vehicles exceeded 50-mph with maximum vehicle speed recorded at 70-mph. and North Wales Police has issued a notice of intended prosecution to this vehicle.  Eight vehicles were recorded twice as exceeding the speed limit and seven vehicles were identified as having no Tax or MOT. One vehicle has been recorded as exceeding the limit on three occasions. North Wales Police are following up vehicles without Tax or MOTs. Two taxis on school runs have been recorded and DCC Education has been made aware.

In the future, further surveys will be conducted on an ad-hoc basis. Two sites have been provided in Llanfair DC and four sites in Graigfechan.  North Wales Police has confirmed that Special Constables will be available to accompany Community Speed Watch teams and this will mean that summonses for speeding will be able to be issued rather than just warning letters.  North Wales Police has also stepped up the “Go-Safe” activity and new vans will shortly be deployed and on a more frequent basis.

Anyone wishing to volunteer for Community Speed Watch should contact North Wales Police at the following site: