Minutes for August 3rd, 2016


Minutes of an Extraordinary Community Council Meeting held at the Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D C on Wednesday 3 August 2016 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT – Councillors John Pugh [Chair], Steve Whipp [Vice-Chair], Wini Davies, Dennis Edwards, Jayne Mayers and Keith Moulsdale

Clerk – Mrs Eirwen Godden


APOLOGIES – Councillors David Baker, Tim Faire and Medwen Roberts


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and Ordinary Meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor on 6 July 2016.

RESOLVED  – The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.


204.1  Resignation of Member – The closing date for the advertised vacancy is               5 August 2016.  If no request is received the Community Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

229.1 – Election of Chairman – It was confirmed that Councillor John Pugh had signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.


All correspondence received was dealt with in Part 2 under Finance.


243.1  Planning Application No 20/2016/0719 – Erection of extensions to front and rear of dwelling and detached double garage at Maes Derwen, Llanfair D C.

RESOLVED – Members raised no objections and recommended that the application be approved.

243.2  Caravan at Erw Fair, Llanfair DC

Following information received that plans were being made to set up a caravan site, a letter was sent to Denbighshire County Council on 8 January 2016 seeking advice relating to planning for caravan sites. Mr Ian Weaver, Principal Planning Officer, Planning and Public Protection Service responded on 19 January 2016. Mr Weaver advised that both planning and licensing regulations would apply and that should an application be received that the Community Council would be consulted.

A letter was sent to Ian Weaver on 7 July 2016 to advise that a static caravan had been installed on the land at Erw Fair. He referred the matter to Adam Turner, the DCC Planning and Compliance Officer. A formal complaint was made on behalf of the Community Council. Adam Turner asked for more information and undertook to write to the alleged contravener, who he would identify from Land Registry, to ask that he or she submit either a retrospective planning application or provide evidence that the caravan’s stationing does not require permission. Adam Turner would also give them the alternative to remove the caravan from the land.  Adam Turner undertook to keep the Community Council informed of progress.

243.3  North Wales Wind Farms Connection

Members were informed that the Secretary of State had granted development consent in relation to an application by SP Manweb to install 17 miles of overhead cables to link two wind farms in the Clocaenog area to a sub station at Glascoed, near St Asaph.  The Chairman invited Members to submit community based project ideas to the Clerk, to be prioritised at a future meeting, in readiness for when a community fund has been established to distribute monies with income generated from the scheme.

RESOLVED – that Members forward a list of proposals to the Clerk for the Council to consider and prioritise.


244.1  Pont Eyarth – Proposed Weight Restrictions

Mr James Hall, Senior Engineer, DCC will be attending the next Council meeting on 7 September 2016 to discuss the County Council’s intention to arrange for the bridge to be weight restricted.  Members viewed this as an opportunity to draw attention to how this measure would affect the local community from the point of convenience of access  and economic terms.

244.2  Footpath Bridge Vandalism

Councillor Steve Whipp reported that he had written to Tania Evans, Countryside Access Officer at Denbighshire County Council [DCC] on 9 May 2016 in relation to a number of matters that had been ongoing. A new issue that had arisen was damage that had been caused to a new footbridge over a stream near to Plas Einion.  The initial damage was to a stile over the larger of the footbridges which had been struck by a grass roller. However, the second smaller footbridge was also seen to have been damaged and in a way that had sheared it from its end bearing plinth. The matter was referred to Adrian Walls, Highways Information Manager at DCC, to undertake further investigation and structural inspection. Adrian Walls raised an enquiry with the land agent who postulated that the damage may have arisen during recent flooding. Adrian Walls advised that there had been resistance to establishing the footpath and that he would welcome the support of Llanfair DC Community Council in emphasizing the importance of the path.

244.3  Circular Walk

Adrian Walls suggested that it would be helpful if Llanfair DC Community Council would support the establishment of a new Circular Walk route. He suggested that this would go from the village and to the Eyarth Rocks butterfly reserve at Pwllcallod.

RESOLVED – the Community Council affirmed the importance of the footpath as an amenity to the area and wished this to be made clear to DCC. The Clerk was asked to write to Adrian Walls to advise him and also to express strong support for establishing a circular walk from the village to the butterfly reserve.

244.4  Footpath Issues

It was reported that a stile adjacent to the roadside on the footpath from Bryn Coch to Graigfechan had been broken and the Clerk was asked to make this known to Tania Evans. It was also noted that the footpath marker promised for the new path adjacent to the Capel at Graigfechan was yet to be provided and the Clerk was asked to prompt Tania Evans about this.



245.1  Financial Statement

The Clerk circulated a financial statement for the period 1 April to 30 June 2016 based on the bank statements covering the period.  It was noted that payments made during August had been added [£1,187.60] leaving a balance of £996.78 in the current account.

  • Financial Assistance
    • Neuadd Eleanor Llanfair D C – Improvements to Car Park

It was reported that the grassed area at the side of the village hall had been removed and replaced with hard core, adjacent to the church wall, so that car parking capacity could be increased.  The cost came to £2,880 inclusive of VAT.  Members were reminded that the Council did agree in principle at their meeting on 4 May 2016 that the funding for double glazing the hall’s windows could be reallocated.  The Treasurer has written requesting the release of the grant set aside towards the cost of extending the car park as the work has been completed.

RESOLVED – Members gave approval to reallocate the grant and that the Clerk makes arrangements for £2,000 to be transferred from the Business to the General Account in order to make the payment.

  • Capel Salem Llanfair D C

RESOLVED – that a grant of £300 be awarded towards running costs.

245.3  Translation Services

The Clerk reported that Sandra Williams [Clerk to Ruthin Town Council] can provide a translation service at a cost of £50 [+ VAT] per 1,000 words.

RESOLVED – that Sandra Williams be engaged to provide a translation service for the Community Council and that a letter be sent to Lois Holmes thanking her for her services in the past.

245.4  Payroll Service

Letter from Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council stating that it would no longer be in a position to continue offering payroll services and that the service had been transferred to AVOW [Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham] with effect from

1 September 2016.  Cost – £144 per annum to provide a BACS payment facility and dealing with PAYE & NI liabilities.  A quotation had  also been sought from JAS  accountancy but a BACS service would not be available and it was unclear whether a set up fee would be payable in addition to the monthly fee.

RESOLVED –  Approval was given for AVOW to provide a payroll service for the Council.

245.6  SLCC Conference at Llandudno 14 September 2016 and Training for New Clerks

The Clerk requested permission to attend the conference.  The full fee is £79.00 + VAT but there is a bursary scheme which can be applied for + £10.00 early bird discount if booked before 18 August.  She also asked whether she could attend a course for new Clerks when a date becomes available.

RESOLVED – that the Clerk be authorised to attend the conference on 14 September and a training course for new Clerks.

245.7  Travelling Costs

RESOLVED – that the Clerk be paid an allowance of 45p per mile to cover the cost of travel on Council business.

245.8  Purchase of Upgrade to Council Computer

RESOLVED – that the Clerk be given permission to go ahead to purchase Microsoft Office software to upgrade the Council’s computer.



Submitted – Accounting statement 2015-16 and annual governance statement for approval.  The Clerk reported that she had received another query from BDO, external auditor, with regard to the accounting statement for 2015-16 and the annual governance statement.  The auditors require the minute reference which clearly records the approval of the annual governance document.  The Clerk confirmed that records show that the documentation had been completed and sent to the external auditor by the deadline of 30 June.  However, due to the unfortunate circumstances of the former Clerk’s death on 29 April 2016 it had since become apparent that the need to formally approve the annual governance statement by full Council before being submitted had been overlooked.

In the circumstances, the SLCC has advised that the Council should accept that the accounts will be qualified this year because the process was not finalised before 30 June.  Members now understand that they have erred in the letter of the law despite the unfortunate circumstances which arose with the death of the former Clerk in late April and the best endeavours of the Chairman in the absence of a Clerk to submit the Annual Return in the required format.  It was accepted that the Council will need to ensure that this does not occur again in the future.

RESOLVED – that [a]  the accounting statement 2015-16 and annual governance statement be approved as submitted and  the external auditor informed accordingly; [b] a date for a special meeting be set by the beginning of June each year should this ever be necessary as a measure to ensure that the Council does not miss the external auditor’s deadline in future.  The decision was unanimous.





Submitted – reports on the above-mentioned items for consideration.  The Clerk reported that paragraph 12.1 in Standing Orders had been updated in accordance with Council minute reference 220 and advised that paragraph 5. B in Financial Regulations be amended to comply with paragraph 12.1 in Standing Orders.  She also advised that the following item be included in the Annual Risk Assessment Report 2016/17, namely, “The accounting statement and annual governance statement must be approved by full Council before submission to the external auditor by 30 June each year.

RESOLVED – that the amendments be approved, implemented and kept under constant review.


A copy had been circulated to all members. The Welsh Government has made the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct)(Wales)(Amendment) Order 2016 which makes changes to the Model Code of Conduct in Wales.  The making of this Order requires all unitary, town, city and community councils to adopt an updated Code of Conduct which includes all of the provisions of the Model Code. The County Council adopted an updated Code of Conduct at its annual meeting on 10th May 2016   incorporating the changes made by the Order.

The County Council will be placing such a notice in a newspaper and is proposing to include any town, city or community council in the County that wishes to be included in the same notice, thereby avoiding the cost of each council paying for a separate notice.  Llanfair D C has been included in this notice.  The Community Council, in the meantime, needs to write to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales with a copy of its revised Code of Conduct.

RESOLVED – that the model code of conduct be adopted in its entirety and that the Clerk be authorised to write to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales accordingly.







There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.30