Minutes for January 6th 2016


Minutes of the meeting held at the Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D.C. on Wednesday 6th January 2016 at 7.00 P.M.

Present:-Councillors Keith Moulsdale (Chair), Medwen Roberts, Dennis Edwards, John Pugh, Tim Faire, Steve Whipp, David Baker and the Clerk.

County Councillor Hugh H Evans OBE.

Stuart Pearson and Darren Murray. (CFR-Community First Responders—Ruthin and Pwllglas).

Residents:- David Greenhalgh and Ian Fleming


APOLOGIES-Councillors Jayne Mayers and Wini Davies


Minutes of the meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor on 4th November 2015 which were previously circulated.

RESOLVED-The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


Minute 197.2. County Councillor Hugh H Evans considered the response from the County Council to be inadequate and should not have been an excuse for not undertaking this work. He continued by saying that upkeep of bridleways were being undertaken throughout Wales and this work should be prioritized by the County Council. Councillor Steve Whipp was of the opinion that this work should not be undertaken by the Community Council as previously suggested by Councillor John Pugh.

Minute 197.6 Mr David Greenhalgh stated that he made an observation that local children could be involved in litter picking not organising such a project.

RESOLVED-Comments duly noted.


The Chairman welcomed to the meeting Messrs Stuart Pearson and Darren Murray to discuss the work undertaken by this voluntary organisation.

They outlined their work by advising members that they covered an area of approx 8 miles radius of Ruthin/Pwllglas. Calls are received from a base in Llanfairfechan and when on call each person carries a fibrillator. The cost of this equipment being in excess of £1500. Members have to supply their own Sat Nav, vehicles and equipment. Training is undertaken by the ambulance service and they responded to 145 calls in 2014. Members were advised that the public were unaware of the work undertaken compared to RNLI and Mountain Rescue etc. The organisation had been in existence for 5 years had applied for charitable status and were on Twitter and Facebook.

County Councillor Hugh Evans mentioned that he would make further enquiries on having a fibrillator placed outside the entrance to County Hall.

Members then presented various questions to the guests.

After a very informative presentation the Chairman thanked both gentlemen for their attendance and presentation.

After the gentlemen had left County Councillor Hugh H Evans suggested that the Community Council consider in collaboration with adjoining Community Council’s the purchase of a fibrillator.

RESOLVED-That this suggestion be considered at a later meeting.


204.1 The Clerk had only four items to mention, the most important being a letter from Councillor Gwyneth Griffiths. The Clerk advised members that due to personal reasons she had decided to step down as a Community Councillor with immediate effect.

204.2 A letter had been received from the Ruthin branch of the Royal British Legion thanking for the financial donation towards the Poppy Appeal.

204.3 The Clerk advised members that he had received confirmation from Denbighshire County Council that the Scrutiny Cttee. at a meeting held on 16th November 2015 had adhered to a previous decision to close Ysgol Llanfair D.C. and Ysgol Pentrecelyn on 31st August 2017. A new school based on the existing sites would be opened in 2018 with one acting head.  

204.4 A letter had been received from Darren Millar AM updating the position on the campaign to keep consultant –led maternity and woman’s services at Glan Clwyd Hospital.

RESOLVED-That the correspondence be noted.

Minute 204.1 The Community Council regretted the resignation of Deputy Chair Councillor Gwyneth Griffiths, and on a proposal from Councillor John Pugh and Seconded by Councillor Medwen Roberts that the Clerk be requested to send a letter regretting her resignation and thanking her for her service and commitment whilst in office.


205.1 Application 20/2015/1070—Erection of two-storey extension to dwelling—6 Bron Y Clwyd—Llanfair D.C.—Ruthin.

This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors Steve Whipp and Gwyneth Griffiths. The members fully supported the application.

RESOLVED-Confirm action taken by the Chairman and fellow Councillors.

205.2 Application 20/2015/1053—Single span bridge to be infilled with stone and foamed concrete to provide structural support and associated works—Overbridge—Pwllglas—Ruthin.

This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors Gwyneth Griffiths and Steve Whipp.

The Chairman and Councillor Griffiths raised no objections/views.

Councillor Whipp made the following comments.

The proposal to infil beneath the bridge will result in the creation of a dam/barrier to an informal pathway especially to wildlife. The line of the old railway forms a public footpath which can be joined at Eyarth Bridge and which runs south west alongside the A494and Afon Clwyd. There remainsa track which although not a public footpath can be used to reach the track that goes over this bridge. Further progress under the bridge is not possible for humans although small mammals and reptiles will go under the bridge along this path. 3No 30000 HDPE drainage pipes are proposed to be installed under the bridge as it is filled. It would be good to ensure that small mammals and reptiles continue to be able to pass long and under the bridge otherwise no objection.

Councillor Whipp also gave a further verbal report on this application together with further comments made by Mr Ian Fleming.


206.1 Councillor Steve Whipp addressed members on his correspondence with North Wales Police, also Speed and Noise on the A525, 20 MPH signs by schools and the Speed Group Watch. County Councillor Hugh H Evans advised members on the current situation regarding calming measures for Graigfechan.

206.2 Observations were made by members on defective styles throughout the County and Councillor Tim Faire commented that landowners and ramblers also had a responsibility.

206.3 The Chairman commented on the Christmas tree which is normally located near the War Memorial.

206.4 With the implementation of the new website members referred to the excellent work undertaken by Mr Miles Anderson whilst editor of the village magazine.


Minute 206.1 Members noted the comments from Councillor Steve Whipp and County Councillor Hugh H Evans.

Minute 206.3 The Community Council to purchase in future years a Christmas tree.

Minute 206.4 The Clerk be requested to send a letter to Mr Miles Anderson thanking him for his editorship of the village magazine.



207.1 The Clerk submitted to members to members financial statements for the financial period 1st April 2015 to 31st December 2015 for the General and Business Accounts. Members were again advised of the problems regarding payment of tax to HMRC by DVSC.

207.2 The Clerk had received from the translator an invoice for £277.13 appertaining to work the May, July and September minute

207.3 Renewal of subscription for membership of the SLCC for 2016 in the sum of £77 had now been received. The Clerk recommended payment.


Minute 207.1 The Clerk be thanked for his financial report and comments.

Minute 207.2 Payment be made for translation work

Minute 207.3 Renew subscription to SLCC .


The Clerk reminded members that this matter had been deferred from the November meeting.

The Clerk submitted to members documentation dated 24th June 2009 regarding his then salary review together with updated information dated 6th January 2016.

Members were advised by the Clerk that he commenced his duties as Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer in November 2003. In July 2005 the annual review took place at the March meeting but was subsequently changed to November of each financial year. Members agreed that the work load had increased significantly since his appointment.

The Clerk also requested that members consider increasing the allowance for use of his home from £3 to £4 per week. He stated that he should have been claiming the higher sum years earlier.

Having considered the report submitted to them members decided that an equated figure should be 300 hours per annum. Payment towards the use of his home should be increased and for the current financial year ending 31st March he should remain on SCP (Spinal Column Point) 25.

RESOLVED-On a Proposal from Councillor John Pugh and Seconded by Councillor Dennis Edwards that the Clerk be remunerated for working 300 hours per annum, the home allowance be increased to £4 per week and that he remain on Spinal Point 25.

This being £11.296 per hour.

These proposals to be effective for the financial year ending 31st March 2016.

Carried Unanimously.

Date of the next meeting NEUADD ELEANOR ON WEDNESDAY 11TH MAY 2016 AT 7.00PM.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.