Minutes for May 4th 2016


Minutes of the meeting held at the Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D.C. on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at 7.00 P.M.

Present:- Councillors Keith Moulsdale (Chair), Steve Whipp, John Pugh, Jayne Mayers, Wini Davies, Dennis Edwards, Tim Faire and David Baker

Residents:- David Greenhalgh.

Apologies had been sent by Councillor Medwen Roberts


The meeting took place only a few days following the sudden death of the Clerk, Michael Shorter.

The Council expressed its sadness on learning of Michael’s death and determined to send condolences to his family.

Actions were proposed to pick up the documents such as bank details, ledgers and equipment as well as to deal with outstanding issues.

No agenda had been sent out and no minutes from the previous meeting were available. David Davies of Denbighshire County Council had advised that the meeting could go ahead provided minutes were taken. Mr Davies also offered to see whether any other Clerks might be able to help in the short term.

The meeting should have seen the election of new Chair and Vice-Chair but it was determined that this would be held over until the current situation was resolved and a new Clerk appointed. KM offered to remain as Chair until that time was reached. At that point John Pugh would become Chair with Steve Whipp as Vice and Jayne Mayers to step in the following year.

David Davies had provided an example advertisement for the appointment of a Clerk and the meeting drafted a suitable new advertisement. SW agreed to draft and send to the other Councillors for comment. The advert would be placed in the Free Post and the Daily Post. It would also be posted on village notice board and be put into local government “job opportunities”.

The updating of the village web-site was discussed in the light of the Clerk’s death as he had administrative rights for the site. KM agreed to contact Chris Birchall to request that David Greenhalgh be given administrative rights to the site. David would then update the site, provide details of new councillors and place an advisory notice about Michael’s death.


216.1 A letter had been received from Llanfair DC School requesting funding assistance with obtaining “Clicker” software to help dyslexic children.

RESOLVED-No decision was made and would be held over until the next meeting.

216.2 A letter from Came and Company had been received advising the Council of the insurance premium for the following year. A discount was proposed on the condition of the Council committing to three years with the company.

RESOLVED-The meeting understood that the premium had been paid by the Clerk for a period of one year. This to be checked once documents are available.


217.1 An application to build two “affordable” houses in Graigfechan had been submitted.

RESOLVED- The proposal had been refused on grounds of the size of the properties proposed.


218.1 Steve Whipp advised the meeting that he had attended training for the establishment of a Community Speed Watch group. At present he was the only volunteer from the Ruthin area and would work with a group in Mold as well as being supported by others. It was hoped that once established further volunteers would come forward. The purpose of Community Speed Watch is to monitor and report on speeds through the village and is not about enforcement. It is hoped that the monitoring will demonstrate the scale of the speeding problem in the village.

218.2 Steve Whipp updated members on the problem of maintenance of the bridleway from Ysgol Llanfair D.C. to Bryn-Fferm-Obwst. The local authority officer had advised him that the bridleway in its role providing access to properties was a private drive and that the County Council had no duty to maintain private drives. It had however provided the farmer with 50 tonnes of road plannings with which to improve the surface of the bridleway.

218.3 The realignment of the public footpath at Graigfechan from B5429 at Bethel Chapel to Bridleway 15 was discussed. Wini Davies advised that she had walked the revised route with others and considered it satisfactory. Tania Evans at Denbighshire County Council is arranging for a footpath marker and post to be installed.

218.4 It was reported that a gate had been placed across the Bridleway where it emerges onto the A525 just north of Llwyn Ynn Lodge. The gate had been installed as fixed and was therefore impassable to horse riders.


Minute 218.4 SW would advise Denbighshire CC footpath about the need for an operable gate to be installed.



219.1 The Clerk had submitted a full set of accounts for the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.

219.2 A letter had been received from the Neuadd Eleanor management committee to re-allocate a previously agreed grant from the Council for the purpose of replacing windows in the village hall. The meeting heard that there remained a need to obtain a firm estimate for the agreed works which were also being discussed with the Denbighshire planners.


219.2 The meeting agreed in principle that the funding could be reallocated and JP would indicate this to Phil Webb. However the need to understand what was proposed and agreed remained and the Council wished to be advised in this regard.

Date of the next meeting:


There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.