Minutes for November 4th, 2015


Minutes of the meeting held at the neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D.C. on Wednesday 4th November 2015 at 7.00 P.M.

Present:-Councillors Keith Moulsdale (Chair), Gwyneth Griffiths (V.Chair), Steve Whipp, John Pugh, Jayne Mayers, Wini Davies, Medwen Roberts, Dennis Edwards and Tim Faire and the Clerk.

Residents:- Ian Fleming, David Greenhalgh.


APOLOGIES-Councillor David Baker


Minutes of the meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor on 2nd September 2015 which were previously circulated.

RESOLVED-The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


No matters raised.


195.1 An email had been received from Chief Inspector Neil Thomas North Wales Police requesting information on Councillors Names, Address, Email address (If applicable) and contact numbers.

The purpose of the request being to ensure that North Wales Police Officers and staff have access to current information if and when required.

Members were of the opinion that the information requested could be found on the Community Council and Denbighshire County Council websites or by writing to the Clerk.

It was proposed by Councillor John Pugh and Seconded by Councillor Jayne Mayers that the Clerk write to the police authority that this information was already in the public domain.

195.2 Two letters had been received from Darren Millar AM on Maternity Services at Glan Clwyd Hospital and Proposed closure of Awelon Care Home, Ruthin.

195.3 Denbighshire County Council had invited the Chairman and Clerk to attend the annual meeting whereby they could meet the Chair, Leader and CEO of Denbighshire County Council. The meeting to take place on Wednesday 25th November.

Both advised they were unable to attend.

195.4 An invitation had been addressed to the Chairman inviting him to attend the annual Carol Service organised by the Chair of Denbighshire Council on Tuesday 8th December. The Chairman did intimate he might be able to attend.

195.5 Two letters had been received from Ysgol Pentrecelyn thanking the Community Council for the financial donation.

One being signed by the Chair of Governors the other by the pupils.

RESOLVED-Correspondence and comments be noted.


196.1 Application 20/2015/0901—Erection of single storey extension to rear—The Barn—Pentre Coch—Ruthin.

This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors Dennis Edwards and David Baker. The members fully supported the application.

RESOLVED-Confirm action taken by the Chairman and fellow Councillors.

196.2 Application 20/2015/0815—Installation of ground mounted solar panels—Llanbenwch—Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd—Ruthin.

This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors Steve Whipp and John Pugh. Although supported the following comments were made by Councillor Steve Whipp.

I went to carry out a site visit. Whilst hedges are at present height the panels will not be visible at ground level. The application does not specify but I assume that the 90m electrical connecting cable will be buried beneath the ground duct ?. I would suggest that we support this application but at our next meeting discuss the principle of solar panels the proliferation of which could be detrimental to the visual amenity of the vale.

Councillor John Pugh made comment on the views made by Councillor Steve Whipp.

RESOLVED-Members noted the comments of Councillors John Pugh and Steve Whipp    

and confirmed the action taken by the Chairman and fellow Councillors.


197.1 The Clerk reported that he had received an email from Councillor Steve Whipp who had himself received it from a local resident Mr Cook on correspondence that had been sent to the Chief Constable North Wales Police on Speeding and Noise on the A525 in Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd.

The Clerk reminded members of previous correspondence with Mr Ben R Wilcox-Jones, Denbighshire C.C. in September/October 2013 regarding this problem. This matter had been previously raised by Councillor Steve Whipp prior to his appointment as a Community Councillor. The Clerk enquired whether members wished to request the attendance of Mr Wilcox-Jones at the January meeting.

197.2 The Clerk updated members on the problem of maintenance of the bridleway from Ysgol Llanfair D.C. to Bryn-Fferm-Obwst. The local authority officer had advised him that due to cutbacks his duties had been reduced to three days a week within the Public Rights of Way unit. He did state that he would endeavour to cajole the local farmer in putting down the planings.

197.3 The Clerk reported that he had received notification from Denbighshire C.C. that resurfacing work would be undertaken on the A525 to the B5429 and Eyarth To Haymakers Road on the 30th Nov 2015 to 11th Dec 2015 and 6th Nov 2015 to 20th Nov 2015 respectively.

197.4 The Clerk advised members that he had contacted the local police requesting that they have an officer present for traffic control on 8th November 2015 Remembrance Sunday.

197.5 Councillor Edwards commented on a dangerous manhole cover on the bridge on the Old Toll Road. (Graigfechan to Llandegla).

197.6 Comments were made regarding the litter problem in Llanfair D.C.

Mr David Greenhalgh thought that local children could be organised to undertake this project.

RESOLVED-That the comments of the Clerk and correspondence be noted.

Minute 197.1 The Clerk be requested to write to Mr Wilcox-Jones requesting an update on current traffic measures. Members decided not to request his attendance at next meeting.

Minute 197.2 The Clerk to advise County Councillor Hugh Evans OBE if no progress is made on this matter.

Minute 197.5 Clerk be requested to write to Denbighshire County Council on this subject.



198.1 The Clerk submitted to members financial statements for the financial period 1st April 2015 to 31st October 2015 for the General and Business Accounts.

In his capacity as Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) he reported that the balance of the general account was inflated by £1,130 because he was having problems with Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC) on processing his salary for the six months ending 30th September 2015. If they were unable to fulfil this duty then the Community Council would be required to make their own arrangements with HMRC for the payment of tax under the rules of PAYE. Members voiced their concerns on the non-payment of tax by DVSC.

Members were advised that they would be given an update of the situation at the next meeting.

198.2 The Clerk reminded members that in previous years they had made a donation to the Royal British Legion Ruthin Branch for the purchase of a wreath for Remembrance Sunday.

On a proposal from Councillor John Pugh and Seconded by Councillor Jayne Mathers that a donation of .£200 be made.

This was unanimously agreed by members.

198.3 Letters requesting financial assistance had been received from British Red Cross, North Wales Deaf Assoc. and St. Kentigern Hospice.

198.4 The Clerk reported that he had received notification from the Wales Audit Office that new external auditors had been appointed for the financial years 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2018/19. The new auditors being BDO LLP.

198.5 The Clerk submitted a claim for travelling expenses for attending a meeting of the Society of Local Council Clerks at Flint Town Hall on 10th September 2015 amounting to £17.10.

198.6 The Clerk advised members that he had received an invoice from Mr Chris Birchall for work executed updating the website. The amount being £40. As Mr Birchall did not accept payment by cheque only by PayPal he subsequently paid him  cash.

The Clerk now requested reimbursement.

198.7 An email had been received from Ruthin, Pwllglas and Corwen Community First Responders requesting financial assistance. Although members had previously decided to review applications in March 2016 they considered this application warranted attention.

On a proposal from Councillor John Pugh and Seconded by Councillor Jayne Mayers that a donation of  £500 be made.

This was agreed unanimously by members.


Minute 198.5 Payment be made

Minute 198.6 Payment be made

Comments of the Clerk/RFO and correspondence be noted


The Clerk advised members that at present his salary is based on working 200 hours per annum. He requested that the members review the additional work now being undertaken and to increase the allowance for using his home as an office from £3 per week to £4. This increase should have been paid a few years ago.

The last review took place in July 2009.


That this matter be deferred to the January meeting for members to assimilate such  information being compiled by the Clerk.

  1. PRECEPT 2016-17

The RFO submitted to members draft proposals for 2016/17 together with comparison details which had been considered previously for the financial years 2015/16, 2014/15, 2013/14 and 2012/13.

He highlighted in his calculation that in May 2016 local elections were being held. He had therefore considered it prudent to include a sum should an election be held for the Community Council. Of course it would be a decision for members to decide whether an election would in fact take place.

The members decided that the amount submitted for election costs should be left in the precept figure.

RESOLVED-On a Proposal from Councillor John Pugh and Seconded by Councillor Gwyneth Griffiths that a precept of £8000.00 be levied for the financial year 2016/17.

Carried Unanimously.

Date of the next meeting NEUADD ELEANOR ON WEDNESDAY 6TH JANUARY 2016 AT 7.00PM


There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.