Minutes for September 7th meeting 2016


Minutes of a Community Council Meeting held at the Neuadd Eleanor, Llanfair D C on Wednesday 7 September 2016 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT – Councillors John Pugh [Chair], Steve Whipp [Vice-Chair], David Baker, Wini Davies, Tim Faire, Jayne Mayers and Medwen Roberts.  Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE – Residents David Greenhalgh, Ian Fleming and Rosanne Jarvis together with James Hall, Senior Engineer, Denbighshire County Council

Part 1 APOLOGIES – Councillor Dennis Edwards and Keith Moulsdale



Minutes of an Extraordinary Community Council Meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor on 3 August 2016.

RESOLVED – The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.


  • Caravan at Erw Fair Llanfair D C

Reference was made to an email dated 25 August 2016 from Adam Turner, Denbighshire County Council’s Planning and Compliance Officer to Councillor Steve Whipp.  Adam Turner advised that he was in correspondence with the landowner.  He has written to the planning contravener and given him six weeks to submit an application which should be by the end of September 2016.  Once received the application will be given consideration, if turned down then they will pursue the removal of the caravan from the land.

244.2  Footpath Bridge Vandalism

Councillor Steven Whipp reported that further details had been sent to Adrian Walls, Denbighshire County Council’s Highways Information Manager, who is pursuing the matter with the Police.

Circular Walk

The Clerk had sent a letter to Adrian Walls on 9 August 2016 but no reply had been received to date.

RESOLVED – that the Clerk arranges for an extract from the minutes of the meeting held on 3 August 2016 to be forwarded to Adrian Walls confirming that the Community Council supports the establishment of a circular walk from the village to the butterfly reserve.

Footpath Issues

A reply dated 18 August 2016 had been received from Tania Evans, DCC’s Countryside Access Officer in response to a letter from the Clerk.  Tania Evans has been unable to locate the path with reference to the broken stile on the footpath leading from Bryn Coch to Graigfechan.  She has asked for a grid reference or path number, if known.  Councillor Pugh said he would check himself.  Insofar as new footpath signs are concerned, they will only be carried out when the legal process for adding the path to the definitive map is complete.  She has arranged a site meeting with the new owner of the land adjoining the chapel at Graigfechan.  Councillor Wini Davies has, in the meantime, spoken to Tania Evans.

RESOLVED – The Clerk was requested to ask Tania Evans to arrange for a sign to be erected at the newly diverted path above the converted chapel.


253.1  Council Vacancy –  The Clerk reminded members that the usual procedure had been taken on the filling of the vacant seat, that is, DCC’s Returning Officer had been advised, and the vacancy had been publicised within the local Community Council area.  As a result an application had been received from Rosanne Jarvis, which was read out by the Clerk.

RESOLVED – It was unanimously agreed that Rosanne Jarvis be co-opted as a member of the Community Council and that she be invited to stay for Part 2 of the meeting

253.2  Invitation to attend DCC Focus Groups on either 22 September [Trefnant Village Hall] or 27 September 2016 [Canolfan Cae Cymro, Clawddnewydd] at 6 pm.  The purpose is to discuss what is working well in each local community; hopes and aspirations for the future; how the Council can build on what is working well now and make this future a reality and what might get in the way of these things happening. Councillors Keith Mousdale and Tim Faire have  expressed an interest in attending a meeting.

RESOLVED – that Councillor Keith Moulsdale attends one focus group on 22 September at Trefnant Village Hall and Councillor Tim Faire attends the other on 27 September 2016 at Canolfan Cae Cymro, Clawddnewydd..  The Clerk to book places as required.

253.3  Commuted Funding – The Clerk reported that she had received an email dated 2 September 2016 from Amy Selby, DCC’s Community Projects Officer, a copy of which had been forwarded to Councillors.  The email drew attention to the availability of a limited amount of funding from 5 September 2016 specifically for the enhancement of open spaces and play areas.  The funds can be used to improve or lay out open spaces/play areas and projects can include:  improving accessibility to facilities; upgrading facilities; providing drainage or surface works, fencing and lighting works, changing facilities or car parking.

RESOLVED – Chairman John Pugh,Councillors Wini Davies and Jayne Mayers to draw the attention of various organisations to the availability of this fund, namely, Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee, Graigfechan Car Park, and the Pentrecelyn Playing Field.


254.1  Garreg Lwyd Outbuildings, Pentrecelyn – An email dated 24 August 2016 had been received from Mr and Mrs G Rees with the purpose of informing the Council that the agricultural outbuildings at Carreg Lwyd, Pentrecelyn are available for letting for employment, business, commercial or community use.  Members were of the opinion that this may lead to a planning application for change of use in due course.

RESOLVED – that Mr and Mrs G Rees be informed that Members had received and noted the contents of their email.

254.2  Application 20/2016/0756 – Erection of Extension to Porch, Waen y Ffynnon, Pentre Coch.  This application was considered by the Chairman and Councillors Dennis Edwards and Medwen Roberts.  The members fully supported the application.

RESOLVED  – The action taken by the Chairman and fellow Councillors was confirmed.

254.3  Proposal to Build Houses at Llanfair D C

The Chairman referred to a proposal to build houses at Llanfair D C behind existing houses in the village whereby access to the site would be from the main road from Ruthin.  The developer will be consulting with individuals as well as the Community Council.  The developer will be invited to attend a special meeting of the Community Council and local residents.

RESOLVED – that a special meeting be arranged in the near future and the developer PURE be advised.

254.4  Denbighshire Open Space Needs Assessment & Audit

As part of the adoption of the Denbighshire Local Development Plan [2013] the County Council made a commitment to undertake a comprehensive audit of the County’s recreational open space; assessment of demand and direction for future provision.  Officers have pulled together maps identifying open space and have been sent to Community and Town Councils for the purpose of ratifying what has been identified.  Councillors are being asked to spot omissions, incorrect data or areas no longer held for the purposes of local recreation to ensure that the data is complete and comprehensive.  The results will be used to develop an Open Space Strategy for the County and to inform the Local Development Plan and other County strategies.  The Clerk had circulated the maps and data for the attention of Councillors so that the information could be compiled and sent to the County Council by 16 September 2016.

RESOLVED –  the Clerk collates the responses already received from Members and for additional comments to be forwarded to her as soon as possible so that she can send a reply  by the 16 September deadline.


255.1  Presentation by MR JAMES HALL, SENIOR ENGINEER, DCC  re  Pont Eyarth – Proposed Weight Restriction

Pont Eyarth bridge is seen as an important link for Ruthin.  Mr Hall handed out photographs showing that the bridge is deteriorating, the stone is continuously wet, water is coming through the stone instead of pointing together with ground water issues.  A whole condition assessment of 18 tons has been determined which means that it is not suitable for articulated lorries [milk tankers could be an issue].  He warned that if deterioration continues this could go down to 7.5 tons.  For example, an ambulance and a bus weigh 3.5 and 11 tons respectively and would become an issue in time.  Placing an 18 ton weight restriction [total gross weight measure] would arrest the situation for the time being. If weight limits are not in place the bridge will deteriorate even faster.  There are plans but no budget for major restoration work. A multi-year funding commitment is needed [£307,300 total smaller sums per annum] – bridges tend to be five year cycled but some trunk road funding could be attributed.  In conclusion the bridge requires several seasons to dry out and time to put a budget together.  Signage has yet to be determined, one either side of the bridge, one in the village and other locations.

Members were reminded that this is the first stage of the consultation process.  Mr Hall requires feedback on how the speed restriction will impact on the local community.  He is looking for evidence to justify the cost of repairing the bridge, advised that the weight restriction needs to be implemented sooner rather than later. Highlighting issues about diversion routes could help.  He acknowledged that there will be an effect on the local community, but public transport and emergency vehicles can still use the bridge for the time being.  Closures would probably be at night during repairs in summer.  No work would be carried out in winter.

He appealed for assistance in seeking views, signposting to residents living in the community and asked for a list of all farmers in the vicinity.  Mr Hall was thanked for attending the meeting and for his interesting talk.

RESOLVED – that contact details for the CLA, NFU, FUW, Llysfasi College and local farmers be forwarded to James Hall.

 255.2  Cenotaph, Llanfair D C

It was reported that Councillor Keith Moulsdale had received a strong complaint from a villager about the state of the slabs around the memorial in Llanfair.  Having had a look at it he considers that it is indeed getting dangerous.

RESOLVED – that quotations be sought for remedial work, including the cost of installing an electric powerpoint and water.  The Chairman agreed to contact the War Memorials Fund regarding the availability of funding.

 Wind Farm Scheme – Community Projects – List of Priorities had been collated and circulated to Members.

RESOLVED – Following a discussion  proposals were prioritised as follows:


Key – Cost L<£500, M<£2000, H>£2000
Proposals Cost




1 Complete clear-up/renovation of area around the cenotaph and the grassed area behind it. L H Top priority, needs doing
2 Provision of electrical and water point to the War Memorial L H Top priority, needs doing
3 A communal garden maybe near the Church where people can walk, sit and meet. Peace garden with benches for quiet contemplation.   Maybe to include a quiet area with seating. M L Need to consult with Church. Area is already well suited. For Graigfechan and Pentrecelyn also consider need.
4 Children’s Play Area(s)/Playground[s]/Protected Play Areas in Villages M M There was a proposal to provide a fence at Bron Clwyd. Also Pentrecelyn school field could be upgraded. This suitable for immediate request for funds.
5 Public seating / benches. L M Consider provision and sitings
6 Allotments – provided there is demand and commitment from sufficient people. M L Need to test whether there would be demand
7 Upgrading of Village Hall to modern standards for community use to include double glazing, upgrading of heating and new kitchen.    Amenities to be defined by users. H H Top priority
8 Complete car parking and provide access to internet to the Village Hall. H Top priority – could be suitable for immediate request for funds
9 Signage for all villages that convey a sense of pride in the area. H M Should request provision by Denbighshire CC
10 Regular cleaning of roads / removal of weeds to provide a sense of pride in the area H H Write to DCC and ask for this to be done routinely.
11 Safe pathway from Llanfair to Pwllglas. H M Write to DCC requesting assistance with feasibility and preliminary design and estimates for these works.
12 Safe pathway on A494 from Llanfair to Ruthin. H M
13 Continue pavement from Llanfair DC through to Llysfasi. H M
14 Cycle lane to enable access between villages and to Ruthin without vehicular conflicts. H M
15 An exercise trail – where there is an inspiring route to run or walk and exercise equipment along the way. M L Not considered necessary as plenty of scope for exercise in the area.
16 A walkway that gave particular access to people with disability; wheelchair friendly but also with a good surface and very gentle gradients. M L Could be considered if there is demand.
17 Walk / footpath up the Nant Y Garth Pass providing access and amenity to this special area. H M Consult with Llysfasi college to determine whether they can help make existing path more accessible.
18 Community circular walks providing access to places of interest around the area. M M Work with DCC Footpaths staff to develop and ensure good signage is provided.
19 Mountain biking trail from Clwydian Hills along ridge and with access to villages (Along Offa’s Dyke). M L Not considered appropriate. Offa’s Dyke should be preserved as a footpath only.
20 Birdwatching hides M M Consider provision and sitings
21 Upgrade existing bus stop on Wrexham Road by school M M Request whether this can be done by DCC
22 Provide and maintain notice boards to all the villages L H Essential and Community Council should do this. Graigfechan board has lost doors.
23 Provide circular bridleways to ensure horse riders do not have to go on roads M H Request DCC footpaths officers to review
24 Provision of a café for the area H M Consider as addition to public houses.
25 Provision of a commmunity shop M M Consult with Pwllglas and Llandegla on feasibility

PART 2 – Confidential Items – Exclusion of Press and Public


256.1  Payment of Accounts/Invoices

256.1.1 Invoice from Sandra Williams for translating the November 2015, January, March, May, June and July 2016 minutes – £353.95 + £70.79 VAT = £424.74.

Invoice from the SLCC – Delegate Fee – Llandudno Conference – £69.00 + £13.80 VAT = £82.80.

RESOLVED – that payments be made as follows:

  • Translation Work £424.74
  • SLCC Conference Fee £82.80


The Clerk presented the following financial statement for the period 1 July to 31 August 2016:  Salary as determined – July 2016 Meeting – SCP 25 – £3070.32 Per Annum

[pro rata with effect from 1 July 2016]

Net Salary due for:

July 2016                    £204.86                 Tax Due                                £51.00

August 2016               £204.66                 Tax Due                                £51.20

Total                            £409.52                                                                        £102.20

Reimbursement for Stationery:

USB Sandisk  for Back Up Purposes          £ 11.00

Ink Cartridges                                              £   8.24

Reimbursement for Postage  Costs             £ 14.40

Total                                                            £ 33.64

RESOLVED – that the payments be approved as proposed, that is £409.52 salary, £102.20 HMRC and £33.64 expenses.

256.1.4  The Clerk explained that DVSC’s payroll service had been transferred to AVOW in Wrexham with effect from 1 September 2016.  An invoice to cover the Clerk’s September salary had been received from AVOW for the gross amount of  £255.86.  AVOW will have responsibility for forwarding income tax due to HMRC from this date.

RESOLVED – that payment be made to AVOW  to cover the Clerk’s September salary [gross £255.86].

256.2  Requests for Financial Aid

256.2.1  Llanfair D C Cenotaph – Flower Boxes – an email had been received from Moira Edwards.

RESOLVED – that a grant of £130 be awarded towards the cost of flower boxes at the Cenotaph.

256.3  Summary of Income & Expenditure for the period 1 April to 31 August 2016

The Clerk submitted to Members a financial statement for the period 1 April to 31 August 2016 for the General and Business Accounts.  Two cheques totalling £350 [Minute Ref 236.4.2 and 236.4.5 refer] had not been presented to date.

 256.4  Draft Council Tax Precept 2017-18

Submitted – draft proposals for 2017/18 together with comparison details which had been considered previously for the financial years 2016/17, 2015/16 and 2014/15.

RESOLVED – that the draft precept figures include an uplift to computer software, the cost of additional meetings and training costs.  The precept is to discussed again at the November meeting.

257  External Audit –  Accounting Statement 2015-16 and Annual Governance Statement   The Clerk reported that BDO had sent an email on 26 August 2016 to confirm that there will be no additional charge levied on the Community Council.  The fee will be based entirely on time taken to undertake the audit.

258  Clerk’s Contract of Employment

A draft contract was presented to Members for discussion.  The contract was based on documents on file and an up to date SLCC model contract for Clerks.

RESOLVED – Members approved the draft contract which will be presented to the Clerk and Chairman for signature.

259   CILCA Training Dates for Clerks  

The Clerk has received details of a proposed CILCA Course to be held at Mold on the following dates:  Day 1 – 21 February, Day 2 – 28 March, Day 3 – 11 April and Day 4 – 16 May 2017.  The total cost is £250 but a bursary may be available from Welsh Government if applied for by 28 February 2017.

RESOLVED – Members gave approval for the Clerk to attend a CILCA Course at a cost of £250.

260  Any Other Business

260.1  Community Speed Watch – John Morris, Community Speed Watch Manager for North Wales Police has advised that a further six volunteers are to be trained at Llanfair D C on 8 September 2016.  This should ensure there is a local group able to undertake CSW surveys.  Councillor Steve Whipp will enquire whether the Police can supply two speed guns free of charge for the use of the community and if not ascertain the cost of purchasing these items.

RESOLVED – Members gave approval in principle.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.