Minutes of meeting March 1st 2017


Minutes of a Community Council Meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor,

Llanfair D C on Wednesday 1 March 2017 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT – Councillors John Pugh [Chair], Steve Whipp [Vice-Chair],

David Baker, Wini Davies, Dennis Edwards, Tim Faire, Rosanne Jarvis,

Jayne Mayers, Keith Moulsdale and  Medwen Roberts.  Eirwen Godden, Clerk.

IN ATTENDANCE –  Marc Musgrave, Planning and Public Protection Services together with 18 residents.

Part 1

APOLOGIES –  Leader of Denbighshire County Council, Councillor Hugh H Evans OBE


Councillors John Pugh and Keith Moulsdale with regard to matters in connection with the Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee.  Both Councillors are trustees.


Minutes of a Community Council Meeting held at Neuadd Eleanor on 4 January 2017.

RESOLVED –  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair subject to the following amendments:

Minute Ref 280.1 –‘ geological’ to read archaeological and ‘highlight’ to read highlighted

Minute Ref 280.2 – deletion of last sentence in the first paragraph and to add a sentence in the second paragraph to confirm that a response would be sent to the DCC Planners to register the Council’s comments.

Minute Ref 282.2 – Summary of Income & Expenditure for the period 1 April to 31 December 2016 – the grants and donations total should be £1748.00 and not £1548.00.


289.1  Minute Reference 280.1  Application 20/2016/1137  Proposed Development of 63 Houses at Llanfair D C – The County Council has confirmed that the speed limit review of all A and B roads within the County did identify a small extension to the 30 mph to the north of the village.  Following the completion of the review a priority list was drawn up, so that sites with a higher accident rate would have scheme implementation first.  The section in question in Llanfair D C does not have any injury accidents in the past five years so were placed as a low priority.  As the land adjacent to the proposed extension is within the Local Development Plan it is highly likely that Denbighshire would request that the developer undertake the works as part of the planning permission/condition.

The developer has, in the meantime, submitted two amended plans to Planning, the details of which are awaited about re-consultation arrangements.   New plans will, as before, be available for all to see at the village hall and a notice to that effect will be placed on the Community Council website and notice boards.   Denbighshire’s Education Authority is, in the meantime, pressing for a pedestrian access through the proposed site to the village.


299.1  Llanfair D C Village Matters  Email dated 15 January from a resident with reference to the draft Community Plan.  The following additional suggestions were put forward – disability access in the village hall, new notice board on the green by Bron y Clwyd, bins for dog waste by Bron y Clwyd and crossroads towards Pwllglas, a community café, parent and toddler group, and village newsletter.  The County Council has indicated that it is not practice to install dog waste bins.  Dog waste can be deposited in ‘normal’ street litter bins and is processed through the same channels as other street cleansing waste.  Other local Town/Community Councils have funded the installation of dog waste bins for which they pay an annual charge for ongoing maintenance/emptying [of approximately £25 per month] should Councils wish to explore this option.

The Clerk reported that a new notice board could cost more than £1,000 and a 25ltr dog waste bin from £270.00.  Residents reported that dog fouling is a particular problem in Llanfair D C.

RESOLVED –  that

[a]  consideration be given to relocating/replacing the existing notice board at Llanfair D C when the new school has been built and

[b]  enquiries be made with regard to additional general waste bins for Bron y Clwyd, the crossroads towards Pwllglas, Graigfechan village and Pentrecelyn.

299.2  Cold Calling Control Zone Questionnaire  Email dated 1 February from Ian Millington, DCC’s Public Protection Business Manager.   Several years ago colleagues in North Wales Police and members of the community set up a number of Cold Calling Control Zones in Denbighshire.  The zones were supported by DCC’s Trading Standards Service.  The County Council is in the process of evaluating the scheme to find out whether the existing zones are still benefiting local residents.  The Clerk had forwarded details to Members for comment.  Llanfair D C is not on the list however.

There are various other schemes operating in the area, such as neighbourhood watch, a police telephone alert scheme and farm watch.  Some residents expressed an interest in developing or reinstating local schemes.

RESOLVED – that the contents are noted and to enquire whether Llanfair D C can be included on the list of zones.

299.3  Statement of Licensing Policy  Email dated 6 February from Mr Ian Millington, DCC’s Public Protection Business Manager.  The Licensing Act 2003 regulates persons and premises that provide licensable activities.  The Council has a duty under the Act to carry out its licensing functions by promoting the four licensing objectives, namely:  the prevention of crime and disorder, the prevention of public nuisance, public safety and the protection of children from harm.  DCC has reviewed the current policy and produced an updated version.  Comments are invited about the overall policy by 6 March to licensing@denbighshire.gov.uk.

 RESOLVED – that the contents be noted with a request to the County Council to include a list of changes proposed as an executive summary when any  document is being reviewed in future.


300.1  Pre-Submitted planning application for change of use of land to form an extension to the existing caravan park to include 20 no touring caravan hook up pads, erection of a WC/shower/laundry block, construction of internal vehicular access track, amenity play area and all associated works at Llanbenwch Caravan Park, Llanfair D C.

Councillors attended a site meeting on 9 February 2017.  Members indicated their general support for the proposal at this stage as the site is ideal for this use and could provide a good tourism attraction to the area, subject to further consideration being given to a number of matters.  For example, not enough detail had been included in the plans submitted with regard to arrangements for access to, from and on the site, the use of slate for caravan standings could make manoeuvring difficult, the site layout should show sewerage, water, electricity and hook up points for caravans, compound shown for bins, landscaping, lighting, fire points and so on.  Other suggestions include a dog walking path, no music should be permitted unless through licensing,  the existing static caravans replaced with modern ones, maximum stay for tourers  would be 21 days and that there would be two months of the year when no touring caravans would be on site.

Members consider that Caravan Club guidelines together with DCC’s Supplementary Planning Guidance – Caravans, Chalets & Camping – provide an excellent reference against which the design and the operation of the site could be made.  A written response was sent to the agent on 20 February 2017.

RESOLVED – that a copy of the Community Council’s response be placed on its website.  The Chairman urged residents to respond individually to planning applications setting out their reasons or concerns.

300.2  Consultation on Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Re Caravans,  Chalets and Camping  This draft document was made available for public consultation from 30 January until 5 pm on 27 March 2017.

RESOLVED – Members welcomed the contents of the document as an excellent guide to encouraging tourism in the area.

300.3  Town & Country Planning Act 1990 – Enforcement Notice – Caravan at Erw Fair, Llanfair D C – Update

Reported – that an Enforcement Warning Notice had been served on 14 November 2016 which required a planning application in retrospect within 28 days.  A planning application was submitted but did not contain all the supplementary information needed in order that it could be validated and then determined by a planning officer.  Despite advice as to what further documents were required, no such documentation had been received.  The Planning Authority has been left with no option but to serve an Enforcement Notice to remove the caravan from the land.  The period of compliance is within 4 weeks of 16 March 2017 unless an appeal is made against it beforehand.

Planning Application 20/2016/1224 has, in the meantime, been submitted for the change of use of agricultural land to form an extension to the residential curtilage at Erw Fair.  The application is to make the garden a larger area but no reason has been given for what it will be used for.  Following a full discussion it was

RESOLVED –  that

1  The Council supports the application provided

[a]  the change of use does not

[i]  contravene national policy on green spaces

[ii]]  contravene Local Development Plan conditions generally

[iii]  have a detrimental visual impact on the historic landscape

[b] the caravan is screened from the designated Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty.

2  It be noted that no exceptional personal circumstances had been offered in support of the application nor any reason.  Should the application be granted this could allow development within the cartilage which could have detrimental visual impact.

3  The County Council be asked whether the application complies with the Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance for Caravans, Chalets and Camping currently being consulted upon.


301.1  Update on Proposed Traffic Calming Scheme – Graigfechan

Mr Marc Musgrave, Planning and Public Protection Services, DCC, reported on the recent consultation process with local residents.  He advised that the strongest support was for Vehicle Activated flashing light signs that would be sited in the village and which would display “SLOW / ARAF”.  He also considered that advanced speed warning signs would be appropriate on the approaches to the village.  Members felt that all approaches to the village be included.

In response to queries about the possibility of a camera, Mr Musgrave, stated that currently there have been no injury recorded accidents in the village of Graigfechan in the past five years.  The site, therefore, does not qualify for a fixed camera enforcement provision.

Mr Musgrave was informed that the Community Council continues to support the Community Speed Watch activity in the village and would welcome further attendance of the “Go-Safe” partnership in its support as well.  Although PCSOs are making themselves available they cannot enforce the law without police presence.  The Chairman thanked Mr Musgrave for attending the meeting and for engaging with the Community Council and the wider community.

RESOLVED – that the Community Council supports the preferred option of Vehicle Activated flashing light signs in Graigfechan together with display signs on all approaches to the village.

301.2  Denbighshire County Council – Commuted Funds Application by Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee  The Clerk had forwarded a copy of the application for comment by Members – to tarmac the extension to the current community car park and erect fencing along the roadside hedge [£5,162.88].  The scheme has been earmarked as a top priority measure in the Community Council’s community plan.  Members confirmed that they fully supported the request for funds.  It was reported that a decision on availability of funding was imminent.

 301.3  Cenotaph Llanfair D C – Update on Grant Application to the War Memorials Trust and Cadw

The Chairman reported that the War Memorials Trust had reviewed the Community Council’s pre-application form and from the information and photographs submitted considers that parts of the project are eligible for funding through grant schemes supporting war memorials.  In order that the Council’s proposal can be fully assessed a considerable amount of supporting information and evidence is needed and works proposed must be in-line with best conservation practice.  Quotations have been received but the costs are considerable and the amount of grant is small.  Some Members asked whether it would be possible to obtain funds from other sources, such as commuted funds or the Prince’s Regeneration Trust.

Research has, in the meantime, been carried out into the history of the war memorial.  The Clerk stated that she would be happy to receive local information and photographs to add to the collection.  The war memorial is designated as Grade 11 commemorating those of the village who died in WW1 and WW2.  An article in the Denbighshire Free Press, Saturday 8 January 1921 edition, refers to the Llanfair D C Unveiling of the War Memorial – “The Trustees, with the consent of the Charity Commissioners, have sold the site – about 69 square yards – to the Memorial Committee to be the property of the parish.”

It was also reported that a plaque had recently been erected by local residents on a wall opposite the White Horse public house near the first tree in a row of 14 planted by the Corkhill family who used to live at Barnfold, Llanfair D C.  The trees were planted as a memorial to their son who was killed during WW2.


302.1  Council Elections 4 May 2017 – Nomination packs will be available in the week commencing 6 March 2017.  Candidates have from 16 March until

4 pm on 4 April 2017 to submit nomination papers by hand on working days to the Council Offices at Ruthin.  Notices will be placed on the Community Council’s notice boards and website on 15 March.

302.2  Community First Responders and Defibrillator – This matter was last discussed by the Community Council on 6 January 2016  when a grant of £500 was awarded towards the work of the Ruthin/Pwllglas Community First Responders.  There was general consensus that a defibrillator be obtained for Llanfair D C when funds are available or donations received as suggested by a resident.  It was also reported that Llanfair School had requested a donation towards the cost of a defibrillator.

 RESOLVED – that more information was required on the availability of funding and Rose Hislop, Community First Responder, be contacted for advice on the best location for a defibrillator.

 302.3  Fly Tipping

Residents were advised to report fly tipping incidents directly to Denbighshire County Council.

Bus Shelter at Llanfair D C

In response to a query about the bus shelter Councillors Steve Whipp and Keith Moulsdale reported that they had swept and cleaned it recently.

Part 2 – Confidential Items – Exclusion of Press and Public


303.1  Summary of Income & Expenditure for the period 1 April 2016 to 28 February 2017

The Clerk submitted a financial statement for the General and Business Accounts covering this period.  Members were advised that the balance at the bank as at 28 February 2017 was £963.42 in the current account and £1022.46  in the business account.  A Member suggested looking into the possibility of translation work being carried out by a volunteer to reduce costs.   

RESOLVED – that the financial statement is received and that a summary of year end accounts be placed on the Community Council website.

 303.2  Payment of Accounts/Invoices

RESOLVED – that payment be made as follows:

303.2.1  AVOW – Clerk’s Salary January [£290.75], February [£290.75 + Payroll Costs £24.00] and March 2017  [£290.75 + Payroll Costs £12.00].

 303.2.2  Sandra Williams  – Translation Service – Council Minutes dated 2 November and 14 December 2016 – £285.00

 303.2.3  Wales Audit Office – External Audit Fee for 2015/16 – £216.30

 303.2.4  Clerk’s Expenses –  £39.71 made up as follows:

Printing £17.91 plus £3.00 Archives fee                                                    £21.91

Postage                                                                                                         £  6.60

CILCA Course on 21 February 2017 [Roles, Duties & Responsibilities]

at Mold –  Travel Costs – 20 miles @ 45p – £9.00 plus £1 parking         £10.00

Equipment Costs – Additional Key for Cupboard                         £  2.20  

303.3  Requests for Financial Aid – The following applications had been received:

303.3.1  Ysgol Llanfair – financial support towards the cost of a defibrillator

303.3.2  British Red Cross – funds to support local services

303.3.3  Llanfair Church – towards the cost of grass cutting

303.3.4  Neuadd Eleanor Management Committee – towards internet access

RESOLVED – that a decision on all requests listed above be deferred until after the Council Elections.

303.4  Payroll Service – The Clerk reported that AVOW had given an indication that the payroll processing fee was likely to increase from £12.00 per month to £12.50 from 1 April 2017.  The Clerk asked permission for arrangements to be put in place to pay AVOW invoices by standing order each month.  Members were also asked to formally approve the increase in the Clerk’s salary from £11.27 to £11.74 per hour with effect from 1 April 2017.  This is in accordance with the National Agreement on pay and conditions for Local Government Services which applies to Clerks.  The Clerk’s annual hours will remain at 300 and salary scale point 25.

RESOLVED – that from 1 April 2017

303.4.1  Payroll fees be paid by standing order each month

303.4.2  The Clerk’s salary be increased to £11.74 per hour.


The matter is in hand and work should be completed before the end of March.


  There being no other business the meeting ended at 9.45 pm