Press Release re Proposed housing development at Llanfair


LLANFAIR D C COMMUNITY COUNCIL has prepared a response to Pure Residential and Commercial with regard to the above proposal to build 63 houses in the village.

The prime concern of the Community Council and the residents of Llanfair DC is the lack of integration of the proposed development with the rest of the village.  The present layout for the proposed development is very much separate to the existing village with its own vehicle and pedestrian access points. The proposed pedestrian exit from the site is seen by the Council as not only divisive but as extremely dangerous. The Council would like to see direct access to and from Parc y Llan and Bron y Clwyd. At present the new development involves every one from the proposed development crossing the A525.

The siting of the public open space adjacent to the A525 is not a good position and could create hazard to both users of the space and road users.  It is suggested that consideration be given to an alternative position within the development.

Other considerations to be taken into account include:

  • The local wildlife and its needs on the site both during construction and after
  • The loss of two protected trees to provide vehicular access to the development as well as a hedge that is central to the site
  • There was a suggestion that visibility from the proposed access is not adequate.

There has been and still is a problem with traffic speeding through the village.  Re-positioning of the 30 mph speed limit signs further away from the village is welcomed.

Surface water drainage from the development will not be allowed to be connected to the sewer network.  Given the history of flooding in the Vale of Clwyd it is recommended that further thought should be given to this and to liaison with Natural Resources Wales and the future maintenance of any proposal.

The Council notes that six properties will be designated as affordable housing but that no decision has been made on the basis of provision or of the types of house to be made available.  It is suggested that a mixture of affordable housing for sale or rent would be beneficial and a must for the community.

It is understood that the design of units is subjective to each person’s own view, it is noted by the Council that the development has to meet sustainability values and that the design should have openness and no dark ‘alley ways’ created by a close boarded timber fence.

A copy of the full response and other details can be viewed on the Council’s website

15 November 2016